Investing in Sirius XM Stock

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Sirius XM stock, or SXM, has seen a downturn as the auto industry continues to struggle. Fortunately, the audio entertainment company has a long history of conservative guidance. For example, it said in a recent earnings report that it expected free cash flow of $1.5 billion this year. It has also implied that the average life of a new car purchased would be around five years. As for the company"s stock, it has declined by 4% so far this year, and it"s trading at a low price of $6.10. Nevertheless, Sirius XM"s stock is still worth a look, especially if you"re considering adding it to your portfolio. The company offers a wide variety of entertainment channels, including music, comedy, sports, and talk. In fact, it is the number one provider of satellite radio in the U.S. Aside from its traditional offerings, it has launched a number of new product lines in the past few years.

In terms of stock trading, XM is a big player, with over a dozen ETFs allocated to its shares. One of the ETFs with the largest allocation is the WisdomTree Cloud Computing Fund, with 1.66 million shares. Other notable allocations include the First Trust Cloud Computing ETF, which holds 1.66 million shares, and the Dimensional US Sustainability Core 1 ETF, with 1.38% of its weight in XM stock.

Despite these high-profile holdings, XM has managed to maintain a low minimum deposit of $5. Additionally, XM"s share trading platform is available on three different stock exchanges. This gives investors access to real stocks without having to deal with the hassles of a commingling account. And, while the company may not have a mobile trading app, it does have its own dedicated desktop app, which allows for the same functionality as its web counterpart.

The company"s desktop platform is a clone of its web equivalent, with the same search functions, order types, and email notifications. However, the desktop version does not offer biometric authentication. Fortunately, the MetaTrader 4 app does allow users to set up price alerts, which is a useful feature. While the website is easy to navigate, it lacks a design and features that don"t necessarily make it a palatable choice for mobile trading.

The company"s web based trading platform, on the other hand, has been a hit with investors, who can enjoy a free account and access to over a dozen equities, ETFs, and derivatives. Another plus is that it allows for multi-language support. On top of that, the company"s IFSC-regulated entity offers a degree of upside that its competitors don"t. Indeed, the illustrious company has a significant number of outstanding shares that are not included in its stock allocations.

The company has a decent-sized executive suite, and a well-deserved reputation for putting the customer first. That being said, it"s difficult to ignore the company"s debt, which totals nearly $9.8 billion. Furthermore, the churn rate for this company has been historically low. Yet despite these challenges, the company continues to expect total revenue of over $9 billion this year, and self-pay net subscriber additions of more than 500,000.

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