Sirius XM Black Friday 2021 Offers

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Sirius XM is a satellite radio service that offers an abundance of entertainment options. The company provides music, news, sports, talk and comedy programming. It also offers an app for smartphones, streaming devices and home automation systems. In addition, Sirius offers exclusive channels. Those interested in subscribing to the service can find several promotions throughout the year, including a special Black Friday deal.

As the name implies, Sirius XM"s Black Friday sale will be held on November 25. During this time, the company will give away one item of technology with every new subscription. However, there are no details on how long the company will offer this promotion, or whether it will extend the promotion to other days of the year. Until then, subscribers can save up to seventy percent off regular retail prices.

In order to get the best deal, you"ll want to subscribe to a plan that includes the most channels. For example, the Mostly Music plan includes eighty-plus music channels. You can also opt for the All Access plan, which provides access to more than a hundred and fifty channels. These include news, sports, traffic, weather and commercial-free music.

Sirius also offers a discount to veterans. Military members can receive a 15% discount on the Mostly Music and All Access plans. They can also sign up for a free Echo Dot. A special "friends and family shopping day" is held annually for those who work for the company. This event allows sales associates to share discounts with other employees.

SiriusXM is also offering a discounted price for first-time subscribers. Normally, the offer is $25 for five months of service. If you choose to sign up for a 12-month plan, you"ll pay just $60. To receive the discount, you will need to provide documentation to verify your eligibility for the offer.

Sirius XM has also offered limited-edition artists" channels for certain periods. You can listen to these channels via the SiriusXM mobile app, which is compatible with smartphones and 3G-enabled Rim BlackBerry models. Currently, the mobile app"s channel lineup is restricted to 120 channels. Some of these include Howard Stern, Comedy Greats and Raw Dog Comedy.

Lastly, SiriusXM is offering a special sale for students. For the first three months, they will be able to sign up for the Streaming Platinum plan for only $1. That"s only a dollar more than the Mostly Music and All Access plans.

SiriusXM"s Black Friday deal is just the beginning. The company will offer discounts on other subscription plans and tech items throughout the year. Those who sign up for the service will also receive 13 days of free music. Once you"ve signed up, you"ll be able to use the SiriusXM App on your phone, tablet or home entertainment system. Alternatively, you can sign up for a subscription via the SiriusXM website. After that, you"ll be able to enjoy ad-free music, sports and news programming and podcasts.

SiriusXM"s Black Friday sale is the perfect way to enjoy an entertainment-filled holiday. Whether you"re a seasoned radio listener or are just starting out, you"ll find something to enjoy on the SiriusXM mobile app or website.

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