Using the XM Logo

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If you are looking for the XM logo and want to make sure you get it right, you should look at licensing options. It is possible to license the logo for your own use, but you will still have to adhere to a number of restrictions. For example, you might not be able to use it on a website without a permission or you might not be able to show it off in a business card. Regardless of the exact situation, it is wise to consult with an attorney before you use it.

XM"s satellite radio service includes over 70 music channels, as well as a variety of other programming choices. Aside from music, XM offers sports, talk, and news. Among other things, XM is the official radio provider of the Major League Baseball. The company also launched the XM-branded XM Direct, which is a receiver designed for use in a satellite-ready car stereo. XM has over five million clients. However, the quality of the customer service is not what you might expect from a company that advertises itself as the world"s leading audio entertainment company.

On June 7, 2005, Space Systems/Loral announced that they had signed a contract with XM to build a new satellite radio station, dubbed XM-5. According to the contract, XM-5 was to be fitted with two unfurlable antennas. Despite the name, XM-5 was not actually a radio satellite, but rather a specialized high-frequency antenna that was to be attached to a large payload.

In January 2003, XM announced a re-capitalization plan. This included the issuance of over US$300 million in convertible bonds to a group of private investors. At the same time, XM restructured its payment obligations under the installation agreement with General Motors. Additionally, XM"s Executive Vice President of Programming, Eric Logan, released a programming announcement for XM subscribers.

Among the more interesting XM announcements was its 11-year, US$650 million deal with Major League Baseball. Specifically, the company was given the right to use the MLB silhouetted batter logo, which is a feat in and of itself. The company is also reportedly granted the right to create and operate a 24/7 baseball channel.

While the XM logo may be the most visible, the company"s biggest accomplishment was its commitment to commercial-free music. The company claims it has the most commercial-free music available of any major radio network, even better than Sirius. Besides, the company reportedly provides more channels than Sirius.

XM is licensed by ASIC in Australia and CySEC in Cyprus. The company has been cited as one of the largest providers of subscription-based audio products in the United States. Its signature product, the XM PCR (radio receiver), required a computer to run. Third-party developers tried to emulate the device, but were thwarted by the XM company.

The XM PCR was one of the most innovative and impressive products to come from the company. Other notable XM achievements include a smartphone application that allows users to browse and listen to XM"s programming, and a software application that allowed XM subscribers to stream XM programming over Apple devices.

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