How to Set Up SiriusXM Radio

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If you want to listen to a variety of music and shows, then you should set up the SiriusXM app. This app provides a wide variety of music, comedy, sports, and politics. It is also available on iOS and Android.

To download the SiriusXM app, you must first set up a subscription. You can do this online or through a dealer. The subscription costs $10-$18 a month. There are a few different options for the subscription, including the Mostly Music package, which includes streaming for $5 a month.

If you are interested in a more comprehensive package, you can sign up for the Premier package. This gives you two dedicated Howard Stern channels and personalized Pandora stations. These channels offer exclusive content. In addition, you"ll have access to SiriusXM"s podcasting service.

You can also sign up for a trial subscription. A three-month trial will give you a chance to test out some of the SiriusXM features. For example, you can watch ad-free shows and listen to the latest episodes of popular shows. However, if you decide to keep your subscription after the trial period, you will be charged the standard subscription rate + applicable taxes.

SiriusXM offers a lot of different services, such as podcasting and ad-free music. You can enjoy them on your phone, PC, or Mac. You"ll even have access to SiriusXM"s mobile app if you have a car with a satellite radio. Whether you"re in the car or at home, you can listen to the best of SiriusXM"s programming.

You can also sign up for perks like a free preview of the SiriusXM app, which gives you an idea of the quality of their shows. The service is also available for your iPhone, iPad, and Android. But, before you can use the SiriusXM app, you"ll need to activate your trial subscription.

Once you have your SiriusXM radio, you can connect the receiver to your car"s stereo with an FM modulator. In order to do this, you"ll need to choose a power source and location for the antenna.

Afterward, you can select which SiriusXM subscription you want to start with. As of January 2020, the company has reached an all-time high of 34,9 million subscribers. With this amount, it"s safe to say that SiriusXM is one of the largest radio broadcasting companies in the world. They provide radio services and offer over 300 channels.

Finally, you"ll need to select a payment method. After you"ve made your selection, you"ll be taken to the SiriusXM site where you can enter your payment information. Depending on your plan, you"ll be able to pay for your subscription with a credit card or via PayPal.

While signing up for a SiriusXM account may seem overwhelming at first, it actually is a straightforward process. If you need more help, you can call the customer service line to speak with a representative. Also, you can review any changes you make to your account.

Once you"ve signed up, you"ll be able to stream more than 300 channels of ad-free, high-quality music. Besides ad-free, quality shows, the subscription comes with a variety of other perks.

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