The XM Schedule

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XM has many channels and offers an array of music. From country to pop, there"s something for every taste. Whether you prefer contemporary holiday hits from the 1960s or classic rock, you"re bound to find what you"re looking for. You can also tune into Big 12 basketball games on your XM radio.

XM"s lineup of sports channels includes the exclusive Home Ice channel for live NHL play-by-play. In addition, XM is the official satellite radio network of the Big 12 Conference. This means you can hear every KU men"s basketball game on your XM radio. The XM schedule is also packed with a host of AHL doubleheaders.

The xM schedule also includes some of the biggest games in the NBA. For instance, Friday night will feature the rematch of the 2005 Calder Cup Final between the Philadelphia Phantoms and Chicago Wolves. Several future broadcasts have yet to be announced. Meanwhile, there are some interesting XM features such as GameSelect, which alerts users when their favorite sports teams are playing. Another feature is the XM"s interactive Live XM feature, which allows you to select a channel and browse its programming.

The xM schedule also includes several other interesting features. For example, "60s on 6" is a channel devoted to all things "60s. It plays all your favorites, including surf and rock. Additionally, "60s Gold" is a channel that plays all your "60s hits. Other notable XM channels include "Doctor Radio", "Girl Talk" and "Family Music." Each one of these XM channels has its own unique features.

"60s on 6" played a number of music genres, including folk-rock, surf and even trance. There are also many other channels on the XM schedule, such as "House Party", which played some house music. "60s Gold" is a very popular channel, too.

"The Word Network" is a channel devoted to gospel music. "60s on 6" also features a lot of music from the 1960s, such as Gunsmoke, Superman, and Lucille Ball. These songs were also featured on "Doctor Radio".

The xM schedule also contains a variety of inspirational content. If you"re looking for advice from Dave Ramsey, or just want to know more about a particular subject, there are a number of XM channels that will help you get on your way. Some of these channels also offer unique features such as "Info Extras", which allow you to view detailed information about a song or program.

"Live XM" is another feature that makes it easy to listen to your favorite sports teams. The XM schedule includes a number of different icons, which are displayed in the menu. To use this feature, simply click on a particular icon and you"ll be presented with a number of options. By clicking on a particular icon, you"ll be directed to the appropriate channel. Alternatively, you can choose to listen to the "Today Show", which features entertainment and news.

"The TODAY Show" is a smorgasbord of a show, ranging from entertainment and news to inspiration and information. You"ll also find sports and news, of course.

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