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foreign forexrebatebest as the worlds largest f autorebateforexancial trading market, its open, fair, flexible and other advantages to attract more and more investors, more and more investors look at the foreign exchange market but in the foreign exchange novice in understanding, learning foreign exchange knowledge, will always be some terminology "block the way", so investors want to want to open the door to the foreign exchange market some terminology below by the introduction of the major currencies in the foreign exchange market forex broker rebate program pairs trading can be divided into major and minor currencies liquidity will be affected by the market. To open the door to the foreign exchange market, the first thing to understand some of the terminology of speculation in the foreign exchange market currency pairs trading, currency can be divided into major and minor currencies liquidity of the currency will be favored by the market, will be often used by investors to do transactions, such currencies are called major currencies, there are eight major currencies, respectively, the U.S. forexbrokerrebateprogram, the euro, the yen, the pound, the Sw cashback forexs franc The major currencies are the US dollar, the euro, the Japanese yen, the British pound, the Swiss franc, the Canadian dollar, the New Zealand dollar, the Australian dollar, and the Australian dollar. is the base currency, 1 U.S. dollar = 6.67 yuan, in the exchange rate changes in the U.S. dollar "1" unchanged, the change is behind the value of the yuan "6.67" quoted currency pairs in the front of the first for the base currency, in the back of the row is Quote currency, the front of the base currency is always the same, the exchange rate changes will be expressed through the quote currency point almost difference that the exchange rate fluctuations in the difference in points, is the smallest currency unit in the currency pair, 1 point is the fourth decimal point after a unit, that is, 0.0001, the foreign exchange platform fees are converted into the form of point spreads charge the number of lots of foreign exchange market people are in the hands as a unit, the standard one hand for 100,000 The base currency unit is usually more than the margin leverage trading to enlarge the operation amount of multiples, such as operation transactions commonly used in 0.1 lots, 0.01 lots, etc. straight U.S. dollar the most liquid currency, in the foreign exchange market the dollar is also the most frequent currency transactions, we will contain the U.S. dollar currency pairs called straight or major currency pairs cross plate the so-called cross plate that does not contain the dollar currency pairs, also known as In fact, the cross currency pair is said to be two currencies in the transaction, but in essence it is two currencies through the U.S. dollar exchange and then trade, equivalent to two dollar transactions, so the cross currency trading spread is higher
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