You have the talent to speculate in foreign exchange The problem of talent in trading

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often see people who speculate cashback forex forexbrokerrebateprogrameign exchange, whether newcomers or veterans in complaining about stop loss, autorebateforex burst positions and so on, think it forex broker rebate program necessary to remind all foreign exchange traders here, speculation in foreign exchange, there is a threshold usually know the threshold includes the capital, time, intelligence, etc. There is talent many people like to do the freedom of foreign exchange, but the above-mentioned multiple thresholds, is inseparable especially Talent, how hard forexrebatebest not be replaced about the talent of foreign exchange trading, to make a detailed explanation of this talent, does not mean that there will be a successful profit, the world does not have such a beautiful thing, especially in the negative and game of foreign exchange trading, losses are common talent means and the corresponding items to maintain contact can have a positive impact that is, as long as the continuous learning and training, talent can help you understand, enhance, see the truth, and Although forex trading is a negative sum trade and there are very few places for success, talent can at least help you to lose less and to stop your losses. The so-called preparation is to try to cross other thresholds in advance, such as knowledge, capital, experience, etc. I personally do not favor any person without talent to enter the foreign exchange futures and other negative and the market, because the results are purely free money for the talented, should also understand in advance and the negative market, long-term stable profitability of only one percent and a few percent seems to be in profit, the actual just dead carry, and the actual market is still losing money. The reason for the legal existence of such markets, because it has entertainment, error correction and provide liquidity function foreign exchange market can provide a stable pool of convertible cash for normal trade futures market can provide counterparties for hedging operations of production materials stock secondary market for shareholders to provide a receiver various small stores are the most stable manufacturers of products dumped object lottery has entertainment function simply put, is to enter the field are Be treated as fools can survive from the pile of fools, are God-like existence, such as Warren Buffett as art or extreme sports, survival is the need for talent foreign exchange is typically a negative sum game, so do not fantasize about learning how to make money online, because the rules determine that this is an apprentice starve the master industry, but 95% of the content necessary for success, including the concept, money management, mathematical rules, mindset But the remaining 5%, trading methods, although countless books and information in the narrative, but without exception all of them can not help you long-term stable profit because the world of trading is not an objective world, but an interactive game, you use what method, you will encounter what kind of defense this is like starting a business, you must beat the competition to win, if only If you just set up a store according to the book, you basically end up with failure and you cant expect the successful person to teach you to make money, because that basically also means he loses market share The right idea can save years of exploration time Many people imagine that the opposite can make money, they dont know the real reason for losses Trading direction is like a pendulum, left to right is the same thing, it is the resistance rather than the direction of the swing The real reason for the loss of the clock stop is Transaction costs, as long as enough times, positive and negative do, the result is the same loss so-called to do difficult, because those methods themselves are nonsense, for example, the method of winning the game is to score higher than the opponent, people can easily understand that this is pure teasing but if replaced by buy low, sell high, cut off losses running profits, people are confused, in fact, are the same There is also a nonsense method is deliberately prolong the time required to verify, for example Martin, with a large number of trading combinations to drag on five or six years and for example, many long term high profit/loss ratio methods, due to the large variance, it takes hundreds of years to empirically prove, so you can add inexplicable terms to deceive the little white people who do not understand the mathematical verification methods to forex trading, for example, how to make money? Read a book? Find a teacher? This is a negative and game, can survive are God-like, and these people, such as Warren Buffett, basically do not write books, occasionally speak, although it is also true knowledge, but unless they have also reached a certain level, or simply understand then, the solution can only be to maintain close contact with foreign exchange, such as review, thinking, repeated contact, you can turn the unknown into knowable this seems to enter a door, you think Very simple and can not make you long-term stable profit content, in fact, people outside the door is incomprehensible, write to them to see is also futile then, keep in touch, more and more lonely, slowly approach the big and the method Yes, just the method, the future will never have a Holy Grail, there will be no constant specific style or operating steps, there is no end therefore, pick up the method, continuous contact with the ever-changing actual Therefore, pick up the method, continuous exposure to the changing actual situation, and constantly find a better way, is the process of long-term stable profitability on the foreign exchange losers have two general common denominators: 1, fantasy 2, not to master the relevant knowledge fantasy is the most common, for example, always think that there are several times in January the so-called experts waiting to take them to make big money this kind of fantasy, in addition to attracting scammers, there is no meaning often see fantasy people crying "master "not even 10% per month to him, but burst the position loss for Warren Buffett such real examples of long-term stability from 1965 to maintain a monthly return of 1.6%, the fantasists refuse to accept that there is no more than 10% per month are false not to grasp the knowledge is also mainstream for example, foreign exchange is a pair of, itself is a hedging tool, but as far as the eye can see, people are in Talk about the direction, trend, the essence of foreign exchange is rarely involved as for Martin and other self-deceptive methods, but also mainstream, peoples probability knowledge is poor to an alarming degree not fantasy, efforts to master the knowledge, does not mean that you must be able to long-term stable profits, but at least you can help you temporarily give up speculative trading, or reduce losses
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