Xiao Zhang foreign exchange market gold record (5)

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autorebateforex to plunge, not to escape the top   let us earn more Emphas forexbrokerrebateprogram on the actual transaction, look down on the future forecast, control risk bear forex broker rebate program mind the actual transaction we should pay more attention to the future evolution of a variety of market processing, rather than simply play a mere predictor to prove their ability, so as to have a solid foundation for success Xiao Zhang in the exchange of friends old Lis help In a foreign exchange seminar, I met a friend who has been speculating in foreign exchange for many years, Old Lees rich experience in speculation, so I was very impressed with the next few days, what problems and insights I have in trading will be exchanged with him, he is also very enthusiastic, one way or another, we became friends with foreign exchange Remember Old Lee once told me so some words, do not do foreign exchange The bottom, not the top not the bottom, that is, when you cashback forex, do not expect to buy in the lowest not to escape the top, that is, when you sell, do not expect to sell in the highest After listening to these words, I was feeling very funny, thinking: you are talking about what ah we speculate in foreign exchange is to make money, can not buy in the lowest point, sell in the highest point, that can still make money? I told the mind of the old Lee he replied that if you consider from the point of view of profit alone, he and I have the same idea, of course, I hope that every single operation can buy in the lowest, sell in the highest, so as to earn the most profit this truth everyone understands, in the end can not do it? In his opinion almost impossible! To his current understanding of the situation, even the worlds top experts, it is impossible to do this not to plunge, not to escape the top does not mean that we are willing to give up the profits that can be earned, but on the contrary, in order to more safely obtain the maximum profit in the foreign exchange market, once the exchange rate into the decline, the specific position to which it will fall, is very difficult to predict, and such a prediction simply does not have practical operational significance Therefore, in the down trend, we do not easily say the bottom, but do not say the bottom does not mean that we do not pay attention to the bottom has been formed in fact, on the contrary, we do so may be lower than those so-called experts who can predict the bottom of the price of buying, more secure because in the falling exchange rate, no matter what method you use to predict the bottom, inevitably with subjective guesses you think the bottom, may not be the bottom, because the exchange rate Subsequently, he targeted an example, in January 31, 2003, the pound since 1.6569 began to fall, when many market participants believe that 1.62 is the bottom of the pound later continued to fall, many people and the bottom at 1.60, the results are still set, and finally the pound has fallen to 1.5700 to stop falling and stabilize in the process of the fall of the pound we can see Any subjective guess where the bottom of the pound, are meaningless, in the operation will make a huge mistake then the bottom of the pound should be judged how? The correct method of operation is in March 3, 2003 after the pound closed at 1.5791, the official confirmation of the formation of the bottom, in this position investors can boldly buy Why say so? The closing price of the British pound this day is 1.5791, closed since January 31 above the downtrend line, the price says it all, the market has clearly told us that the bottom has been produced this time not to buy when to buy it? Then again, buy in this position, than 1.62, 1.60 price is still much lower, so we say in this position to buy both safe, low cost, is the best point to buy this is the meaning of the aforementioned do not copy the bottom After listening to this example, I also gradually do not copy the low, do not escape the top, have their own understanding: do not copy the bottom, not that we are not willing to buy at the bottom, but that we should buy in the safest bottom, not the lowest point, but the next lowest point on the surface to buy the cost of some higher than the lowest point, but in fact is the safest point to buy I have also had this experience, in the downtrend, I am looking for the bottom every day, judge the bottom so early to put all the money into what they think the bottom to go, and then look at the exchange rate day by day, and so the real bottom to come, they have run out of ammunition So, we maintain patience in the downtrend, save the strength of the most important good steel on the edge of the knife, the funds to buy in the most secure low, is the best choice, which is what we say not to plunge seemingly buy the point is not the lowest point, but the results are often we buy than anyone elses costs are low, and ultimately we earn more than anyone else understand the deeper meaning of not plunging, I for not fleeing the top is also the basic understand
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