What are the factors that influence the exchange rate of Australian dollar to RMB

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The forexbrokerrebateprogram autorebateforex forex broker rebate program a commodity currency, mean cashback forexg: the Australian dollar is more affected by commodity delivery, because Australia is one of the major exporters of large commodities, mainly exporting iron ore Therefore, once the commodity market is bad, Australias overall economic situation will be limited forexrebatebest the Australian dollar will show its weak side Similarly, the international oil price is also a point related to the Australian dollar International crude oil prices plummeted in previous years, once As OPEC began to implement production cuts, oil prices slowly recovered to 50 and the Australian dollar has been falling since 2013, only in the last year has it begun to calm down Chinas economic development RMB exchange rate depends on Chinas economic development, Chinas GDP, CPI, etc. After the economic crisis in 2008, China remained strong, so the dollar to people exchange rate fell from 8 to 6 The Chinese economy is still relatively stable in a bad global economy, and the weakening of the dollar exchange rate has brought a spring breeze to non-US currencies, although the US is a superpower, but the investment banks said: the gap between the US and other countries is narrowing. Because of the uncertainty of Trump, the trend of the dollar exchange rate is also very that predicted, the major investment banks are not optimistic about the Trump administration, the current overall situation is chaotic, gold has also taken advantage of this rise, commodities are also therefore subject to some encouragement since this year, commodities began to heat up, especially in July, the domestic black system and other big rise, the Australian dollar Also slowly began to rebound and the recent (August), the Australian Federal Reserve minutes said: Australias current economic outlook is bullish Australias Federal Reserve said: the Australian dollar further even pressure is inflation and economic activity is picking up less quickly than expected and short-term does not intend to raise interest rates, because household debt is currently equivalent to 190% of disposable income future, the Australian dollar exchange rate trend is still unknown, and the current situation in the United States is volatile, the non-US currencies have appreciated. Non-U.S. currencies have appreciated as a result of this. Investors in the foreign exchange market should be cautious in their trading and control their positions.
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