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What forex broker rebate program USNon-farm Payrolls  USNon-farm Payrolls (i.e.: USNon-farm Payrolls, Non-farm Payrolls) is the forexbrokerrebateprogram autorebateforex of the US non-farm population, published by the US Department of Labor once a month, reflect forexrebatebestg the trend of the US economy, good data indicates that the economy is improving, poor data indicates that the economy is turning badNon-farm Payrolls will affect the Federal Reserves monetary policy on the dollar, the economy is poor, the Fed will tend to reduce interest rates, the dollar depreciates, the economy is good, the Fed will tend to raise interest rates, the dollar appreciates  The dollar index is freely convertible six currencies (euro, yen, pound, Canadian dollar, Swiss franc cashback forex Australian dollar) as the benchmark, through some kind of weighted calculation to reflect the trend of the dollar an index of the index rose, indicating that the dollar in against Most currencies appreciate, the index fell, that the dollar against most currencies depreciated  Gold price is strictly speaking and the dollar has nothing to do, but the dollar is the most commonly used international settlement currency, so the international certain to the dollar quoted gold, will be affected by the dollar trend gold is the worlds best safe-haven currency, when the world economy is in recession, or geopolitical deterioration, the price of gold will The rest has little to do with the U.S.A.  The Importance of U.S. Non-Farm Payroll Data  The importance of the data depends on the focus of the market In the past, the market was particularly sensitive to some economic data, especially the heavyweight trade data, net capital inflows, gross domestic product, etc., and even leading indicators, weekly initial claims for unemployment benefits, etc., can use the data to speculate a lot but Now the influence of some of the data has been greatly reduced, investors are beginning to feel numb to the record high trade deficit, the same record high net capital inflows also no surprise Now the market has been concerned about the old problems from the trade deficit to the problem of inflation, so the importance of inflation data such as the consumer price index, producer price index is increasing  Thus, it can be seen that the influence of the data will be with the market focus and the market focus on the inflation of the data. The influence of the data will shift with the focus of the market only one of the data influence but the enduring, that is, the U.S. employment report in the non-agricultural employment of new jobs employment report is usually known as the foreign exchange market to react to all economic indicators in the XO, it is the most sensitive market monthly economic indicators, of which the foreign exchange market is particularly important with the seasonally adjusted monthly employment changes This set of figures is published by the U.S. Department of Labor on the first Friday of each month  The report provides employment-related information derived from the results of two separate surveys, including the Business Survey and the Household Survey The Business Survey is compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in cooperation with state employment security agencies, based on a sample of about 380,000 non-agricultural establishments, providing information on non-agricultural sector employment, average hourly work and total hourly index, also known as the Payrollsurvey; where the household survey information is the U.S. Census Bureau (CensusBureau) first for the current population survey (CurrentPopulationSurvey), mainly with a sample of 60,000 households as the survey object, and then The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) then counts the unemployment rate to provide information on the labor force, household employment and unemployment rate, while non-agricultural employment measures the number of people earning in all non-agricultural industries, such as manufacturing and services, etc. Therefore, non-agricultural employment can reflect the development of manufacturing and service industries and their growth, the number decreases on behalf of enterprises to reduce production, the economy is entering a depression and recession when society When the economy is booming, consumption naturally increases, and jobs in consumer and service industries also increase. When non-agricultural employment figures increase significantly, it reflects a healthy economy, which in theory should be beneficial to the exchange rate. The XO, of course, because it has the ability to turn the world upside down because the number itself is a good or bad predictor of the U.S. economic outlook, therefore, in the one or two days before the release of the data, as long as the market has any speculation about this value, the market will be in the wind far away, a few months ago especially remember the non-farm payrolls announced two days before a survey agency ADP forecast non-farm data, the data show that U.S. companies in June is expected to The data showed that U.S. companies are expected to add 368,000 jobs in June, an increase of 122,000 in May, suggesting that the U.S. economy is still very strong, the above data forced many analysts to adjust the original estimate of the U.S. Department of Labor non-farm payrolls increase in June, that is, the market dollar was warmly sought after new jobs increased sharply, may consolidate the market for the FED to raise interest rates again 25 basis points to fight inflation expectations if the employment population If a significant increase in employment is accompanied by a decline in the unemployment rate, FED policymakers will be more vigilant, as this may represent an increase in inflationary pressures. The results were quite disappointing, with non-farm payrolls increasing by only 121,000 in June, resulting in a roller coaster ride for the dollar in the week immediately following, rising fast and falling even faster. The volatility of the dollar trend is a dragon is a bug, but also depends on the non-farm  analysts generally believe that non-farm employment data will have an impact on whether the Federal Reserve decides to cut interest rates in the coming months recently released a series of U.S. data, including pending home sales, ISM manufacturing report, and so on, did not change the markets view of the U.S. economic outlook  Non-farm face  to count The most concerned about the U.S. economic data in the foreign exchange market, the U.S. Department of Labor in the first Friday of each month, the employment data is the employment data, to < unemployment rate > and < non-agricultural new jobs > the most important   The reason why this data can be so influential on the stock market and the currency market, mainly for the following reasons  First, this Data published in a timely manner this data is the first important economic data published each month, and this data in the survey, a week that was published by the Department of Labor, so the market can be timely informed of the latest employment situation in the United States  Second, this receipt points out in detail the employment situation in the United States, and the information published on the forecast of the entire countrys economic situation is very useful, so when the market gets this information, it Third, the data concern, is precisely the general household income situation in the United States is obvious, when the national employment situation improved, income increased, then it will drive the various consumption links, and the U.S. economy too about 70% of the growth can be said to be dominated by internal consumption, so we know the employment data, we can predict the overall consumption of the United States Another reason why the market is so concerned about this employment data, because the market analysts, economists on the data predicted by the past performance is embarrassing, there are often actual figures and market expectations are very different, so the entire market will be concerned about the actual figures in order to adjust their own predictions of the economic situation  This employment data is mainly composed of two independent The survey consists of two separate surveys, one from the household survey, and the other part from the enterprise survey household survey, as the name implies, refers to the employment situation of the nation by the surveyors to telephone and mail to interview the survey enterprise survey is reported by the companys company staff hiring and salary situation from the above two sources, the surveyors can prepare employment data  household survey information from the United States 60 All surveys are conducted near the end of the month, and the results of the survey actually have an important reference role for many industries, such as the advertising industry, because the survey report includes the general employment situation and prospects of the nation, in addition to the employment situation of different age groups, and even different gender, ethnicity of employment can be found in the report. Find the data from the household survey, the preparation of the unemployment rate is the  another is the business survey, business surveys are considered by the market is more reference value of the data survey data from 400,000 companies and government departments, including 500 different industries, covering the employment of up to 40 million people, accounting for nearly half of the entire non-agricultural workforce survey data are The number of new non-agricultural jobs, salary trends in different industries, employment, weekly hours, wages, overtime pay, and other specific information, so this business survey report can tell us in more detail every important aspect of the employment situation, to understand the development of the entire economy is very valuable reference  Well, since the two surveys are investigated by different objects, then the information obtained will be different? In fact, because the two reports cover different categories, so the resulting data will sometimes be different  the employment situation interviewed in the household survey will include the agricultural population, self-care workers and domestic workers, etc., while the enterprise survey is investigated, only the non-agricultural employment situation in enterprises
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