To trade for a living perhaps this decision will take you a lifetime to undertake!

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2002 into t forex broker rebate program market, in 2004 began to speculate full-time, so far 15 forexbrokerrebateprogram of stock age, of which 13 years to trade for a living, autorebateforex name is A Xiong A Xiong is one of the few I have seen, a few live on the stock market freelancers 2000 years after graduating from college, A Xiong entered a relatively large software company to do research cashback forex development, just three years to become the companys core product architect 04 years, resolutely resigned full-time Speculation at that time, the software industry is very popular, his decision, many people can forexrebatebest understand him, he said, he does not need others to understand from the young and promising software architect to professional stock market, his career, the opening of the radical and harsh back then, he was full of ambition, he said, his life should not only code, should be on the road, to the prairie to taste the flowers, to the ends of the earth to see the clouds in order to achieve This dream, he must quickly achieve freedom of wealth, and then, backpack on the road So, he chose to speculate! That year, he was 26 years old A Xiong do stocks is talented, the market from 2002 to 2004 like that, he surprisingly from 50,000 to 100,000 He is very clear that they do stocks, than the vast majority of people keen 2006 to 2007 that wave of the big market, his account assets rose to a maximum of more than 1 million He said, that wave of the big market, he did not do well enough, more than 4,000 points too cautious, light position In and out, missed more than 4,000 points of a wave of big market in 2007, he was 30 years old, his account earned his first 1 million + 30 years old more than 1 million, moderate income, not particularly good, certainly not bad 30 years old, he was richer than many of his friends and classmates around him, but 1 million +, from his dream is still very far away that year, his family told him to buy a house, and then like everyone else He said that he could not give in to marriage and children and oil and vinegar, life must have poetry and faraway places he was hesitant to finally, he did not buy a house, bought a 200,000-plus car, treat yourself, is to give yourself 30 years old a not very bad, slightly regretful account of 2008, when the stock fell to 3500 points, he took a heavy position to kill, tossed half a year In 2008, the stock market fell to 3500 points, he took a heavy position, tossed half a year, scarred, 1 million into 500,000 graduated seven years, the first taste of failure he said, perhaps because too obsessive dream, so that they lost their minds, greed greed, is the source of human wrestling, but also the ambush of failure his friends and family continue to play him, the remaining 500,000, buy a house, get married, have a child he was thinking of compromise, after all, the early 30s, should also The first time I thought, buy a house, no money, must enter the workplace to start over, the heart is not willing so, he made another decision in 2009, his account back to 1 million + from 09 to 14 years, his life seems to be under a spell, 5 years, the assets of a million turned around, to the end of 14, the account is still 1 million during the five years, he compromised, married and had children, but Has not bought a house, not do not want to buy, but do not dare to buy, buy no operation of the principal of the five years, he actually did not lose, at least to support a home But! This five-year period, his friends and relatives around him a huge change, many of the original worse than their friends, mixed into the companys middle and senior, buy houses and cars, and even hold the original shares of the company, assets have long been more than ten million some friends, the five-year business, the company did a great deal of success, boom some friends, but also quietly become no longer friends and people around him to compare, his only tangible assets, is He said, people are most afraid of comparison, and live in this reality, and have to compare if not so impulsive, with his talent and drive, now should at least be a technical director or even, with his daring personality, may have been the founder of a certain company just, life is not if the end of 14 early 15, he determined to snatch back his lost 10 years of time, so financing heavy positions, the highest assets reached a small 10 million Unfortunately, the good times did not last the second half of 15 years of the black swan, so that his assets back to 1 million He thought that with his ten years of experience, has seen through the A-share, the second half of 15 years of the stock crash, he always felt that also bounced back up, until the account back to 1 million when he suddenly woke up, scared out A cold sweat he can not lose the 1 million lost 1 million, what to hold up a home? He lost nothing, his heart, there is a very heavy baggage 15 to 17 years, his account assets fluctuate, and ultimately failed to effectively break through 1 million 1 million, perhaps really become his curse 2017, A Xiong 40 years old, time in his face carved on the wrinkles, but also etched off his forehead hair, but also worn off his original stern eyes I once asked him: you have not thought quit? He said: 40 years old, I will not do anything but manipulate, the times are changing too fast, more than a decade ago proud of the ability to develop software, has long been eclipsed I now quit, what else can I do, to apply for a job as a programmer? He said, a persons life, there are several opportunities to get rich, this decade, he missed two opportunities to get rich, one is the big market in 07, because too conservative did not catch, one is the first half of 15 years, because too greedy also did not catch I asked: in addition to these two, there is no other let you miss? He took a puff of smoke, a long sigh, did not answer me I have been waiting for him to mention the decision in 04, that decision is the real turning point in his life but he has not mentioned, I know, he is not unaware of the decision in 04 to him how big the impact, perhaps, just, he does not want to face the public number: K line outside
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