To get hurt less in the foreign exchange market all you have to do is avoid the risk!

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Become a good professional trader forex broker rebate program very simple, as long as you can establish the right principles to survive in the market, forexbrokerrebateprogram adhere to the proper use of it I focus on just about everything related to the autorebateforex, the correct grasp of the trend, the entire trading system has greatly improved the chances of winning Do forexrebatebest try to predict the shape of the white clouds tomorrow and today what is different, you just see the dark clouds cashback forex heavy when you go out with an umbrella The language of the financial markets is - follow up when the trend really breaks through! The losers not only from the number or the amount of money are far more than the winners, it becomes a prerequisite for the normal functioning of the stock market and futures market so the United States Wall Street popular phrase: the market will certainly use all the ways to prove most people are wrong technical analysis is only the study of whether the trend can continue, whether it will change! I rarely get hurt, because my biggest principle is to avoid risk rather than how much money to make in a down wave, looking for support is a thankless task, the rate of decline is three times greater than the rate of rise, because, fear is worse than optimism my confidence comes from my failure, the purpose of the strategy is so that we can control the risk, not to get the maximum profit financial investment is a serious job, do not pursue windfall profits, the The essence of trading is not to consider how to make money, the essence is to effectively control risk, good risk management, profits come naturally, trading is not hard work to get rich, but risk management to get rich! Outstanding figures such as Newton, Einstein, Roosevelt have suffered setbacks in securities investment Newton said afterwards: "I can calculate the orbit of the celestial bodies, but can not calculate the madness of human nature" "Strategy over prediction" concept, very, very important, strategy can In the case that you do not predict to save your life to have a good mindset, believe in their own ideas and patterns (of course, is proven correct), not for the temporary loss of money and casually change to change, we can eventually slowly crawl to Rome potential unchanged is guarded, potential change is moving in a downtrend has not changed, to hold on to their cash; in an uptrend has not changed, to hold on to their stocks. The so-called "trend" is the combination of all the karma and the birth of the edge of the gathering is born, the edge of the dispersion is extinguished, and so on (edge: a variety of factors that promote the generation of trends, large and small, all aspects) trend to come, should be, followed; this trend to go and the other trend to come, should also be, and then followed; no trend, watch, to be the two basic survival of the speculative market principle: trading with the trend, strict stop-loss things are required to develop a process, just like the ships turn, the more massive the ship, the more slowly the process of turning, but also the more difficult the trend once revealed the first signs, it will continue, even if the turn again, it takes a certain amount of time to complete this is inertia - the nature of the trend! In a wide range, the trend has a very strong inertia, or continuity in the middle of the long-term averages began to turn, the huge system inertia will make it continue this trend this is the certainty in the market, savvy traders are using the inertia of the market to make money! The real weapon is their own perceptions and ideas, follow the trend of trading - never be eliminated by the market technology I have the means to terminate the error as soon as possible and have the means to try to extend the right heard of technical analysis misconceptions? Most people pay too much attention to the details of the study, so as to ignore the traces of the large graphics daily movement of the forecast is impossible to achieve a minimum of accuracy, but the long-term trend can be judged out the longer the time, the more certain the trend, although the secret is simple, but most people are extremely difficult to do not they do not know, but because of the weakness of human nature you mean the trend upward is invulnerable? Yes, to do the stock is appropriate, not precise sober-minded people are good at examining the situation, they understand that the real bravery lies in good at avoiding danger and not in conquering it The best time to intervene is to wait for the trend to go smoothly, when the trend to go smoothly, the trend is clear, the development of the trend has become inevitable (up to become inevitable), which is the best time to intervene! Winning generals are not necessarily brave and good at fighting, but they are good at choosing the situation, for them is a sure win when to strike!
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