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In college, the professors taught me knowledge based on the research forex broker rebate program analys forexrebatebest of the previous people on a certa forexbrokerrebateprogram level of things, after practice verification of the systemic temporary science, based on this level, I think of Soross theory of the inverse, in fact, our ancient Chinese research and analysis of things gathered into the (I Ching), used to do Soross theory of the inverse supporting evidence We have studied Keynesian macroeconomics, microeconomics, political economy, game theory, statistics, financial psychology, autorebateforex pricing laws, and other professional courses, as well as systematic mathematical knowledge such as weighted analysis, quantitative analysis models, etc. But I always wondered why these professional basics could not concoct a model or group of people cashback forex could form an accurate estimate of market prices. Why cant these professional basics conceive a model or group of people that can form an accurate estimate of market prices? I believe that market price itself does not have basic properties, it is only an artificial representation of the influence of the interconnection between market participants, manufacturers, and demanders in the market circulation, i.e., market price itself does not have any possibility of change because it does not have basic natural properties, so how can we derive the properties of a thing that does not have basic natural properties through the basic economic theory and mathematical model mentioned above? the properties of something that does not have the underlying natural properties? Moreover, the derivation and development of economics itself is influenced by man-made market behavior, which does not make sense, so how can we profit in the market? If there is no clear perception and expectation of market price, there is no basic psychological driving force for buying and selling, so how can we, as market participants, profit from the market behavior? I think it is better to look at the properties of the market itself and the factors that affect it, and then go back and analyze the problem. The properties of the market itself are trading, that is, buying and selling, with buying and selling to form the market, that is, with supply and demand, and with market participants, in time and space to reach unity, to form the so-called market, which is the essence of the problem Soros has a saying that investment is wrong Speculative behavior, that is, the investment behavior of the market itself is not risk controllable elements, itself is also a speculative behavior, because no matter who, are not able to accurately predict the market in the future price fluctuations and supply and demand, Soross approach is to identify the driving factors that drive market prices to produce trend changes, analyze it, that is, what we call the long and short elements, in a specific time and space The market itself, as I said earlier, is not driven by the behavior of buyers and sellers, that is, there is a question of sequence, that is, whether the market price change itself has an impact on the hearts of the participants, or the psychological impact of the participants on the market price has a driving force, I have been confused about this, but by coincidence, I watched a video recommended by a friend, talking about I was enlightened by the impact of human psychological changes on the form of water molecules, I was ashamed of myself as a Chinese child and forgot the crystallization of ancestral wisdom, but I have always received the knowledge of Western modern civilization education and professional training of ideas and skills, but I forgot that the Western system of science favors rational quantitative analysis and research, but I have a little confusion, this quantitative analysis But I am a little confused, can this quantitative analysis and research itself be negligible to the interference factors of the research object? Of course not! There is a law in quantum physics called Heisenbergs law of inaccuracy, that is, no matter what method you use, you can not accurately measure the direction and speed of the particles, because the observers own observation behavior on the trajectory of the particles, under the laws of natural science, still can not be lifted, transposing this theoretical theorem to the field of economics, I found that it really works well. At this point, more and more buyers and sellers participate in the market, forming what we call price changes, so where does the driving force for price changes come from? It is the psychological factors of the market participants themselves, not the market behavior itself, because there are market participants first, after the formation of the market, so the market price changes are caused by the psychological changes of the market participants themselves, so most of our investors look at the price changes every day to decide the direction of buying and selling, obviously, is contrary to the direction and the definition of cause and effect, but do not exclude a point, the market price changes and will counteract the psychological changes in the investor, which makes the investment becomes a non-controllable behavior of risk without grasping the direction, from the basic idea to analyze, this is the investment behavior itself and the basic properties of the market decision,  Now, I go back to the analysis, that how to go better investment in the case of unpredictable market price changes? I remembered the (I Ching), his principle is actually summarized in one sentence is that everything in the world is in a state of imbalance to a state of equilibrium in the transition of the repeated cycle of turnover process, the change of market prices is to illustrate this point, just as there are yin and yang, there are men and women accompany each other, there is the size of the relative, there are up and down, there are before and after, in fact, these are the appearance of things, we buy and sell each time the behavior, is Based on the irregularity of the iteration, then we study more icons, indicators and what is the use of it? Of course useful, the icon reflects the price changes in the past trajectory, if the quantitative analysis of the icon itself indicators or weighted analysis model to make investment decisions, is equivalent to the markets disorderly fluctuations in the case of disorderly judgment, based on this, we artificially divide the market space and time, in the second to analyze and judge the future trend changes, itself is in line with the natural law of the concept of disorderly fluctuations, but Unfortunately, we live in the era of human consciousness is greater than nature, such as the concept of wealth, power, these in nature is no concept, it is a natural one, is our own people for some kind of direction or purpose, the forced formation of human social concepts, so we have fear, greed, we fear the loss of wealth, greed in the wealth of dissatisfaction, but rather forget the market itself disorderly and natural, it is we ourselves who create the market, we all forget that it is our psychological changes that drive the changes in market prices, so how do we find a balance between human social attributes and natural attributes? I think that this is the meaning of religion, for the market, I think, only if you find a relatively good measuring stick, in a limited space to refract the psychological changes represented by the behavior of market participants, you will be able to profit, of course, this profit itself for nature, there is no meaning, but for us humans, it goes without saying, at this level I then go to analysis and reflection In the disorderly market fluctuations with the indicators and data areas weighted on the basis of such disorderly fluctuations to make unnatural judgment decisions, itself is disorderly, from the long-term equivalent to analyze, in addition to the human social definition and constraints, naturally can not be profitable The only feasible, only roughly in a space, roughly find the transformation of 0, this 0, I think really understand the people, few and far between, but I think it is this 0, reflecting the natural properties of the market and the concept, more reflective of the disorderly nature of the laws of nature The above views, purely personal humble opinion, if there is a conflict of ideas on your ideas, please understand more Author: color empty imprint
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