There is always one for you forex trading stop-gain method shallow discussion

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As the saying goes: will buy forex broker rebate program the apprentice, will sell is the master because: always easy to enter the forexrebatebest, leaving the market is too difficult according to the basic principle of "support is effective to do more, support is not effective to do short; resistance is effective to do short, resistance is not effective to do more", as long as you find the important position, observe the K line in these positions According to the same principle, the general price trend can be predicted in advance: whether it is the next few hours, days, weeks or even months of the market, as long as you observe the K-line pattern of the important support and resistance positions on the corresponding time frame, the success rate of prediction can also reach 80%. The above take profit is difficult: when the price reaches the next pivot level, you do not know whether it is effective if effective, the price back to explore, there is a possibility that the forexbrokerrebateprogram will be knocked off at the cost level; if not effective, of course, but then the next pivot level? And then the next one? There are many ways to close a position Introduction is as follows: 1. Stop Loss Close: There is a certain amount of profit when mentioning the stop loss to protect the cost, and then with the development of the market according to the technical graph to mention the stop loss until the stop loss is knocked off This autorebateforex is applicable to the unilateral market If it is in the second half of last year with this method to close the position of friends, absolutely earned a lot of money 2. Technical graphs to mention stop loss when the observation that the price is unable to make a new high, there are signs of fall back that close the position this cashback forex method is an improved upgrade of the stop-loss closing method, you can grasp the maximum extent of due profits 3. The goal is to close the position: each single as a high chance of winning the bet, single at the same time set a good stop loss and take profit, take profit target is at least three times the stop loss, while adjusting the open position in accordance with the amount of fixed losses when holding a certain profit that is to mention the stop loss to protect the cost of the assumption of profit and loss ratio 3:1 (this is the minimum), the success rate of the single as long as it reaches 25% can reach the profit and loss Equilibrium point assuming a success rate of 7:3, then the systems overall wind ratio is (7 * 3): (3 * 1) that is, 7:1 this method is also most applicable to the oscillating market Thus, it can be seen that any single method of closing a position has its advantages, but there must also be its limitations delusion to use any one of the closing method to eat all the market is impossible, so, pay attention to the system of trading methods and mechanical way of making a single speculator We know that there are always shocks, but not always unilateral, although a single unilateral market may be worth ten single shocks, but only pay attention to the unilateral market is not enough and vice versa, so the most reasonable method of closing positions must take into account the two markets at the same time. Close the position method: leverage down by half, a single into two single do a single use support to close a position method or target closing method, used to deal with oscillations; another single use stop-loss closing method or sub-top closing method to protect the cost of going with the market, used to capture unilateral In short, the essence of the combination of closing method is: oscillations with ultra-short, the trend to catch the swing at the same time, at any time do not forget to have a certain amount of profit when you have to protect the cost The biggest failure is to speculate on foreign exchange is not a small profit single into a loss single speculation is the essence of risk control light position is king, capital preservation first 6. look big do small method: when a large level of time frame (such as four-hour chart or day chart) on the signal, then use to catch the swing stop loss to close the position or the second top close the position method; if there is no signal on the large level of time frame, it is treated as a shock market, using the target closing method or branch resistance to close the position The actual effect of this method should be similar to the combined closing method Author: Zhao Si 
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