The Way to Profit

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The so-called fundamental or technical analys forexrebatebest forex broker rebate program the various k forexbrokerrebateprogramds of analysis that come out cashback forex only used to be verified, autorebateforex for a serious prediction Never believe in predictions - because they are too subjective bias, because they are illusory future, because they are a concentration of fear, because they actually represent unpredictable So dont trust any analysis of either up or down price movements, specifying that you should learn to trade either long or short "The superior virtue is to do nothing and think nothing" Can you drive? No! Can you walk? Yes! That will do, you want to reach a destination, you first have to find the road, and then drive up or feet up, rather than first walking around, remember, not you to open up the road, hit by mistake and reach the destination, but you see the road already exists, and then walk along the road, in order to reach the destination to place a trade, is to first see the market, and subsequently follow the market - -Here is not dare for the world first, not predictions in front, not fantasy in the first, you have to follow, after the move; then let the market lead you to walk a distance, you will be profitable How far can the market go? I dont know how long the market has to go to retrace? I dont know either! If you start predicting the price distance or time, or lose patience, worry about losing profits, and leave the market too early, that means you leave the road, then you will fall into the trap on the side of the road, and at that moment or the next moment, you will make a mistake, and a big one. Holding a position has nothing to do with time; it has very little to do with the distance of the price movement, if anything, it depends on price movement of the border has reached or ready to cross, price movement of the border, in fact, it is very good to identify more than fifteen minutes of the graph, yesterdays high and low points, the previous days of high and low points, the border of the large average, etc., have been almost marked, their own hands to draw a line at a glance, do not you want to make a smart thinking and doubts, K-line movement is so simple, but you make it complicated The K-line movement is so simple, but you make it complicated, but also make yourself dizzy, which does not lose money?  Holding a position has nothing to do with your patience, personal emotions, including your expectations or doubts and other mental activities! If it is relevant, you have already started to lose money Think well about how you drive or walk will not think, then get on the road, walk while thinking about the relationship between your legs, the road and the destination step open legs is your trading behavior; road, the path and direction of price movement; destination, the boundary of price movement, but also the end of your trading profit walk a stretch of road, slowly imagine, who is first and who is second, who has prescribed Whose behavior Do not rush and premature steps, and do not worry about the front wolf after the tiger price movement has a path process - the trend trend itself is a combination of distance and time extension, but this is a dynamic process, the size of the trend more or less, can not use time and spread to pre-define or prematurely to analyze the judgment, at least, the vast majority of the market is In fact, the right trade is to follow the trade and hold the position, and spreads and time differences are not related to you and the market in tune with the profit is not it, do you still have to profit how many dollars, must be clear how long to hold the position such exact data to be willing? That is simply impossible and unnecessary trend and profit size how much do not bother, as long as you follow the beat in the market can be if you follow the wrong, should be used to easy and simple turn around but most people at this time, the heart has 10,000 heavy consideration, the body has a thousand pounds of weight, can not turn, so that the foot to drink hate Uninterrupted reading, do not stop your thinking, do not leave your action practice, in your life, familiar with Taoism and Buddhism The reason is that these things that you abandon have nothing to do with profit and loss, nothing to do with your happiness index, but too many people are pursuing these things without relaxing, which is really self-impeding. Lao Tzu said, "I have heard that those who are good at life are not able to avoid the bull and the tiger. ......", meaning that people who are good at preserving life, walking in the mountains and tombs do not easily do chopping rhinoceroses or tigers ...... a trader should not easily get involved in risks, do not be driven by desire to take heavy positions or rush into the market, also If a trader is driven by the desire to take a long position or rush into the market, or leave the market prematurely because of fear and doubt, and honestly control the position and honestly see the market before following the trade, this is the original way to do the trade. "In fact, the essence of profit and loss has nothing to do with psychological activity, but not many people in this world can see this. In fact, you do not need to work so hard as long as you give up your ideas, simple your behavior, proportional to the light position, do a few price movements to follow the action, the process of holding a position with the price movement and profits are large and small, which is the transaction which has so much thought in it? Mind in the inside, but also controlled by these bad thoughts, distracted, anxious, heavy risk, the net is a loss, not asking for trouble?  Traders must correctly understand trading to be clear that holding a position and trading are two different things trading is a verb, is an action, then many times in the intentional, frequent for the vast majority of people in the world if not in the transaction will feel uncomfortable, not in the frequent entry and exit does not appear to be capable of manipulation, not every day to stare at the market smart analysis and trading, as if they can not show their own smart The position is held for nothing, his position profit figures are changing every moment with the trend of the market, but his heart and hands never worry too much or easily change his position trend is complete, the price movement will tell him that he should put the profits in the bag, this time, he is comfortable to harvest their positions, as for the next single whether to enter the field, how to enter the field, when to enter, that depends on his The plan, and the opportunity to profit, always everywhere but to say it is strange, so simple way to profit, investors or traders always can not do, what is the reason? Im afraid its the same as what Lao Tzu said, the real profitable people are in the "great wisdom if foolishness" of keeping quiet and soft, while those who have the "thrill of trading" "strugglers" are in the "great wisdom if foolishness". "Find a few averages, they will form the direction and path of price movement, they are often the path of the guardrail, and then draw the horizontal line, at most look at the K-line combination of patterns, and then follow the K-line, you can This is not for you to engage in advanced technical indicators or trading methods, but to give you some If you are a mature person, you do not need any indicators, the naked operation can be, because the market up and down you see, follow can So, trading is so simple If you have to find a brilliant method, it is to return to the truth, you need to treat yourself as an "idiot" (this is a kind of Cultivation, a state, the average person really can not be an "idiot" it!) If you have already taken this road, then look up and enjoy the roadside or the distant scenery. In a nutshell, the "way" to profit is that you are following the "being profitable" ------------------------------------- collated with Netizen exchange of content: to move up, and then constantly ask for progress under this, in order to constantly think about the summary of the thinking and vitality to have tension, in practice to move forward to be able to understand your thinking and practice and its relationship with the new thinking and practice - "the negation of the negation The philosophical definition of "negation" only close to one in ten million traders in the world can come to the level of "the way" only such a person can be truly profitable traders after one or two years of effort, generally, will think about the plan or the rules of compliance in fact, this is a trap that shackles your profitability you can You can see the so-called "guru" books, there are many from the trading psychology to tell you how to grasp the psychological activities and strict compliance with discipline, these "gurus", both domestic and foreign, some are really good investment experts but these people, away from the real guru In fact, if you do not understand the world, life, life and trading from the highest level of the Tao, it is impossible to comply or play your trading plan, because all your actions are only controlled by your thinking your thinking and thinking power are not improved, what is the use of those plans and rules?  In addition to Soros directly labeled himself as a philosopher, very few investment people to cultivate the philosophy of this fundamental thinking and action, they are at most from the psychology to pay attention to behavioral actions, now the psychology and philosophy is a different category and concept I have read some domestic investment experts to learn "Zhou Yi" and Taoist thought I have read the books of some domestic investment experts studying "Zhou Yi" and Taoism, his practice is right, but his trading practices, I do not agree, he used the Zhou Yi to explain the market, of course, is right, "Zhou Yi" philosophy can explain everything in the world, the price market can also be explained but we do trading, understanding the market is one aspect, doing the transaction itself is another His understanding of "Zhou Yi" is still not in place, because he always uses "Zhou Yi" to predict the market, explain the market, and then go to do trading, seemingly on the basis of cognition to make the correct trading behavior. In fact, his heart is still in the non-stop fluctuation and expectation of the body "Tao" and walk, in fact, you are not in the action of the action, not you in the action of the action of the motionless, this is the understanding of the Chinese classical philosophy is prone to errors, do not seek to understand the place, impetuous, the investment of the trading itself has not understood This is true of experts and their work, not to mention the average trader. This reminds me of a famous philosopher in the "National Academy" who said that Chinese students are very good in mathematics, science and chemistry, but not many of them become masters, not many of them take the Nobel Prize, because the achievements of masters need to use philosophy to pave the way for the achievements of foreign experts and scientists in science. The experts, scientists, the foundation of its literature and philosophy are first-class, no outstanding scientist is not at the same time a philosopher, near and far scientists are, Einsteins philosophical thinking is also a philosophical master class, and so on and so forth This reminds me of Qian Xuesen, Qian Xuesens philosophical thinking is very profound he has a special philosophical works interested in reading If you are still in the daily diligent Trading, that your work life state and your inner world, I am very clear ...... So, the investors who aspire to do a good job trading, should understand the relationship between philosophical thinking and trading behavior, they are such as the relationship between skin and hair, the skin does not exist, how will the hair attached? ...... author: there is philosophy before moving forward
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