The three misconceptions of technical analysis

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M autorebateforexconception 1: wrong forex broker rebate program analysis as science Technical analysis is science? Not science is about accuracy, rigor forexbrokerrebateprogram correctness, how to look at it is difficult to technical analysis and science, rather than technical analysis is a science, rather than an art to technical analysis as a science of people, will cashback forexevitably fall into the superstitious misconceptions of such people have two main characteristics: 1, just give him a K-line chart, he forexrebatebest pat his chest to say the next days trend, and even can say with conviction that a certain year a certain month a certain day can rise to Where is this expert, is simply God!  2, like to open a clinic store, ancestral recipes, cure all diseases no matter what stock, can prescribe what breakthrough buy, rebound shipping, plus a few sentences similar to the high distribution low absorption of nonsense, can also let the sick people listen to a daze of this statement, the two types of people, not my school of people on the stock price movement trend judgment, if you can achieve a 70% correct rate, it is one in a hundred martial arts masters of stock speculation To put it bluntly, the game of probability, technical analysis by studying the history to make a judgment on the possible future trend, which is certainly by the limitations of the history will not simply repeat, therefore, the role of technical analysis is only to increase their own probability of profit, and reduce the probability of loss if you do not realize this, talk about technical analysis, can only be blind bullshit Misconception 2: wrong technical indicators analysis as technical analysis in the In the eyes of outsiders, when it comes to technical analysis, let people think of technical indicators such as MACD, KDJ, RSI and so on even in my school, but also often unconsciously hang technical indicators on the mouth This is really a big misconception obsessed with technical indicators are broadly divided into two levels: 1, the primary level trying to find a once and for all technical indicators, for KDJ, MACD such as the classic The most depressing thing is that the signals issued by technical indicators often fail 2, the senior level after a long period of time, found that the traditional indicators are not high correct rate, and began to develop new technical indicators on their own like to go on the major stock forum and others to discuss technical indicators formula, once you see someone has written a new formula is eager to analyze the source code of the formula a thorough like The same can not exist as perpetual motion machines, the stock market is not invincible universal indicators said so much, so technical analysis and technical indicators in the end what is the relationship?  Technical analysis is a superior martial art, but the essence of this martial art lies in the unique method, not in the specific martial arts moves, not to mention what weapons you hold in your hands, and technical indicators are the weapons in the hands of martial artists MACD, KDJ and other technical indicators are like the eighteen weapons, you if the eighteen weapons are proficient in all kinds of good, but and people fighting you bring one or two of the most handy weapons on the line. It is not necessary to hang all over your body with swords and spears, those who know that you are a weapons pass, those who do not know also think you are a sale of weapons sadly, many people think they are technical analysis of the school of people, do not learn martial arts techniques, but all day long obsessed with research and development of new weapons, and even exhaust their lifes work with all due respect, such people, at best, become a first-class blacksmith master, but never become a first-class Martial arts masters of the real top masters, will never stick to a specific technical indicators in the eyes of the masters, falling leaves and flowers can hurt people, benches and sofas can also be weapons such as the Eight Dragons in the sweeping monk, a hand will be different, and who will go to study what he is best at weapons?  Myth #3: Counting waves to brain cramps Since the creation of the school, there have been a lot of senior people, leaving a large number of martial arts secrets, on the one hand, to show the prosperity of our school, but on the other hand, it also brings a lot of trouble to many beginners Among them, Mr. Elliotts wave theory, which is one of the most controversial martial arts of the school I believe that, as a theory based on forecasting, the subjectivity and arbitrariness of wave theory is almost no value in practice think There are many followers of wave theory in the forum, I do not intend to offend you here, just to talk about their own views in the stock market for many years, I have also met some of the number of wave masters, although each count is different, but the theory is said to be a set, but unfortunately the number of wave masters are not money masters Mr. Elliott although the creation of wave theory, but always as an analysts point of view rather than as a big money Perhaps because of this, making the wave theory in practice there are major flaws as the grandfather of the wave theory, the end of his life is poor and died Wave theory is a cunning theory standard a cycle is eight waves (bull market performance of five up, three down), but in practice, each wave is not equal, it can be compressed, can be extended, can be simple, can be complex waves can be extended. Can be simple, can be complex waves can be extended (called extension waves), can fail (called failure waves), can also be mutated, in short, as long as you turn to the historical K-line chart, all the movements can be explained by wave theory Wave theory is a good theory, but unfortunately not a good way to make money A novice who aspires to a show in technical analysis, the wave theory can be ignored, such flashy martial arts, not to learn. If you are determined to devote yourself to the crooked mouth stock commentary friends, wave theory can not be left behind, such a good thing to fool people, do not learn is not a pity obsessed with wave theory friends, often go off the rails, the more waves, the more money, the less money is also perhaps my ignorance, did not meet the high people
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