The story of Hite lost all the chips never to turn around

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Hites speculation strategy, cashback forex stable forexrebatebest the growth, risk management is particularly important, the reasoning from the lessons of the battle autorebateforex When forexbrokerrebateprogram first joined the ranks of speculation, can there be a special praiseworthy deeds A: I found that every year in September to buy pork belly contract, forex broker rebate program then in the following year before July to sell, most of the profits can be made, so the collection of a group of friends of funds I found that every year in September to buy pork belly contracts and then sell before July of the following year, most of the profits can be made, so we gathered a group of friends funds, specializing in trading pork belly contracts, the result is a successful experiment, the capital doubled in the short term Q: How do you feel?  A: floating and unbeatable Q: with the great disaster?  A: Yes, another friend, calling himself a corn expert, guided me to do cross-trade, buy the near-term contracts while selling forward contracts, allegedly foolproof Q: You completely believe in the advice of friends, blindly enter the market?  A: According to the information on the surface, the risk seems to be small, but it is only the risk of cross-trading Q: What was the result?  A: One day the Ministry of Agriculture announced the estimated corn harvest, the recent contract was stopped, while the forward contract was stopped, and I was hit on both sides Q: After this lesson, you began to pay serious attention to risk management issues?  A: I am not afraid of one case, because of a negligence, and lost all the money in the example of the alarming In short, to gain a foothold in the speculative market, we must take steps to seriously deal with the issue of risk Q: put in the corn market inter-period trading, suffered a waterloo, the lesson is enough to learn from other than that, there are other examples A: When I was a teenager, I like to drive a motorcycle, enjoy the fun of speed, my good friend often warned my brother A: When I was a teenager, I liked to drive a motorcycle and enjoy the fun, my best friend always warned me that when I drove a motorcycle, I should not try to be strong with a car, otherwise I would lose.  A: If you do not buy and sell with the trend, such as gambling with the market, how can not lose Q: Can you give a practical example?  A: The Hunt brothers lost their fortune in the silver market, is a typical example Q: Yes, the Hunt brothers were rich, why did they lose? A: The most important thing in the speculative market is to live within your means, even if you have a billion dollars, but the purchase of $20 billion worth of silver futures overspeculation is the same as holding $1,000 and buying $20,000 worth of silver, any wind is enough to kill Q: In the end, and do not bet alone, right?  A: Risk and money management must be handled with care Q: What kinds of technical analysis systems are available on the market that are overstated?  A: Excessive buy or sell signals, these messages do not stand the test, rely on these systems to buy and sell sooner or later there will be problems Q: Besides risk management, there are other important tenets?  A: Just a few, there are two Q: Please explain them briefly?  A: These two are not only suitable for speculative markets, but also applicable to daily life First, if you dont enter the tigers den, you cant get the tigers son, if you dont gamble, if you dont take risks, you cant win Second, if you lose all your chips, you cant get back forever During his visit to Hite, the topic of risk management often came up. For example, Hite once worked for an investment company one day, the options speculator failed to sell and left a losing account, the boss asked Hite advice on how to deal with? Hite said: close the position indecisive boss can not bear to immediately stop loss, decided to continue, the market situation at first slightly worsened, and then rebounded, the results left behind not only no loss, but also brought a small profit after the whole event, Hite said to his colleagues: it seems that we should be early another high job, colleagues asked why? Haidt said: the bosss decision is equivalent to being in a mine field, but blindly over the formation a year later, the boss of the investment company encountered a similar situation, using the same method as last time, the results of the mud foot deep, the account losses are increasing, and finally the investment company capital was completely wiped out, the lesson of the above story is very simple, we must face the reality, ostrich policy is bound to be wrong, the god of luck can not come again and again, only the real material to make Only the right material can make the right decision to tide over the difficulties
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