The steps to speculate in foreign exchange

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forex broker rebate program autorebateforex investment cashback forex finance in the context of increasing inflationary pressure, more and more peoples favor, the following steps to speculate in foreign exchange to do a little introduction to foreign exchange novice in learning and understanding of foreign exchange trading forexbrokerrebateprogram recommended from the following steps: the first step: understanding of foreign exchange margin trading related terms such as what is the spread, what stop loss, take profit? What are the types of transaction price, leverage ratio and other related basic terms, to understand the principle of foreign exchange margin trading Step 2: Learn the technical indicators currently popular in the international market is that technical indicators do not work, but there is also a large part of the people believe that technical indicators to analyze foreign exchange movements is very helpful most commonly used to technical indicators such as stochastic indicators KDJ, multiple control indicators MACD, Bollinger Bands BOLL The most commonly used technical indicators such as stochastic KDJ, MACD, Bollinger Bands, MA and so on, the calculation and use of these indicators, the method of learning these technical indicators, you need to understand the principles of technical indicators, master the use of indicators, but the need for flexibility, not rigid, because technical indicators are lagging indicators, and the premise is that: history repeats itself and technical indicators sometimes deviate from the real market Step 3: Learn how to carry out the fundamental analysis of foreign exchange Analysis of foreign exchange fundamental analysis this point for many foreign exchange investors are ignored, because the foreign exchange market is a global market, the data is huge, the terminology is also very professional, ordinary investors simply do not have time to take into account all the information but we need to understand the most commonly used data concepts, such as: gross national product GDP, the impact of changes in national interest rates on the value of the countrys currency, export data, non-farm employment data These concepts, such as the stock market, good news will lead to a rise in the market, the negative will lead to a fall, of course, the foreign exchange market is more transparent than the stock market foreign exchange fundamentals related terminology, please refer to the relevant board Step 4: Practice makes perfect after understanding the above knowledge, you can practice through simulation trading, practice is the real understanding and improve the level of foreign exchange fundamental in our simulation should pay attention to: 1. Light positions, avoid heavy positions; 2, develop the habit of setting a stop-loss; 3, adjust their mindset, adjust their mindset to the real war mentality, this is the most important, many friends reflect why I simulated trading can be traded from $ 10,000 to 100,000, and very easy, in fact, a careful analysis of this is the problem of mindset Step 5: good margin simulation trading platform
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