The speculative foreign exchange position building tips

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speculative foreign exchange, position build forexbrokerrebateprogramg autorebateforex a very important concept, position building to achieve good results in the speculative foreign exchange tends to have greater progress today foreign exchange through the website for you to fully reveal what speculative foreign exchange position building skills, I hope you actively learn and understand the foreign exchange forex broker rebate program is not every day there are opportunities to make money, the market is clear and unclear, the operation cashback forex do and can not do the difference only when the forexrebatebest has a clear trend can be action, do not force the market when uncertainty from the overall, the market operation is best to operate with the trend is better, that is, in the rising trend to buy low, in the falling trend to throw high if you want to do reversal potential that must be the original trend from the form, proportion and cycle of three aspects at the same time to reach a key reversal point, and set a good stop loss as the premise of the case, before you can enter the market operation specific Implementation to the actual operation, what is low, what is high which involves the use of specific technical analysis, summarized in the following methods: 1, see the position to do a single, break the stop loss: As mentioned above, in the rising trend, wait for the price to retrace to an important support level to buy, effectively break the stop loss after the short term can be sold to close positions in the upper track of the rising channel (but easily do not open a new position to sell short); in the downward trend Wait for the price to rebound to an important pressure level on the short sell, effective break stop loss likewise, buy to close positions at the lower rail of the downward channel (never open a new position to grab the rebound) 2, broken to do a single: when the price rises through an important pressure level homeopathic buy, back to break stop loss when the exchange rate falls through an important support level homeopathic short sell, back to break stop loss 3, an important reversal point can only do counter market single In the large wave pattern, proportion, cycle while running to a certain reversal point, before you can do counter market single, and must be a light position, stop loss can be enlarged some, but not without stop loss above several practices no matter which one you take, you need to wait patiently for the arrival of that best entry point, if the timing is not good, often see the right trend but lost money because the market price fluctuations are not a straight line, any trend are is running out in the oscillation, did not choose a good time to enter the market will make you suffer from the market oscillation good start is half of the success, good opportunities are sometimes looking for out, but more is out of patience, speculation in the market to tolerate loneliness
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