The skills of speculative foreign exchange experts 10 minutes to earn $ 200

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   Lao forexbrokerrebateprogram is a f forex broker rebate programancial newspaper editor, due to the relationship of occupation, he can often contact some speculative forexrebatebest autorebateforex people look at many old foreign exchange people in the foreign exchange market experience baptism pain cashback forex happiness, last year he also moved into the foreign exchange market profit-making ideas So, he took out from the bank in March last year 10,000 U.S. dollars The deposit was put into the account of the speculative foreign exchange, joined the speculative foreign exchange family Talking about the recent year of speculative foreign exchange experience, from the spring, to the summer heat, and then to the fruitful autumn, and finally into the winter, experienced the four seasons of the year, as the foreign exchange people of the old He really feel a lot of emotion So, the reporter selected the old He in this more than a year of speculative foreign exchange experience in the most memorable two pieces of him, hope that the majority of foreign exchange people can also From this to get some inspiration Passionate first experience: 10 minutes earned 200 U.S. dollars Speaking of his earliest experience of speculation in foreign exchange, Lao He could not restrain his excitement "I once used 10 minutes to earn 200 U.S. dollars, and is a live transaction" said the successful trading operation on July 21 last year, Lao He still feels vivid memories Lao He told Reporter, in March last year he began to enter the foreign exchange market, at first not much attention, only after work when there is free time to study, and occasionally operate once, the chances of making and losing money are not very large because it is a live transaction, each operation is also deducted by the bank 30 spreads, so he has always felt that it is too difficult to make money by speculation in foreign exchange However, the experience of July 21 last year let him completely change this idea that day As the central bank announced a new exchange rate system reform program, the decision to appreciate the yuan by 2% As Lao He is engaged in the occupation of financial editors, every day will monitor all financial sites online, so at 7 p.m. that night he was the first to monitor the news "My first reaction was to buy the yen full position" Lao He told reporters Sure enough As he expected, the yen quickly jumped 20,000 points in a short period of time, his hands 10,000 U.S. dollars also quickly into the yen, and almost followed the full process of the yens upward curve is just 10 minutes, 200 U.S. dollars of income into the account everything came so suddenly and so easily, the sudden opportunity also let the old He first tasted the sweetness of speculation in foreign exchange According to historical statistics, the day of July 21, 2005, the U.S. dollar July 21, 2005, the day, the dollar against the yens amplitude reached 25,000 points, that is, if investors can catch the time on that day, to the highest point to buy the yen, and then at the lowest point to throw, then 1 dollar that day can become 1.023 U.S. dollars, a day of return to more than 2% and such a large amplitude, for the general foreign exchange people, is indeed a rare opportunity but it is also this A little bit of sweetness, hooked the old He "fried foreign exchange addiction", and eventually set 1 2 Next Greed to go Macheng: margin let me Ben Li all lost Since then, the old He will devote more energy to the study of foreign exchange market trends a turn to the harvest of the golden autumn September, after the circle of friends introduced, the Old He learned that a kind of called "margin trading" speculation foreign exchange way this kind of transaction can not only avoid paying the banks high spread commission, and can be very volatile foreign exchange trading magnified by 100 times, that is, if the day of the foreign exchange market trend changes by 1%, then the investors principal will get the effect of doubling Therefore, investors engaged in this kind of trading must find the right direction, otherwise it will be possible to lose all the capital in a short period of time It is because they know that this kind of trading has great risk, so Lao He every time engaged in margin trading do not forget to carefully set a stop-loss level but after a few days of short term operation, Lao He found that each time he set a stop-loss transaction, the foreign exchange trend will touch the stop-loss level after the rebound. So he not only difficult to get the market rebound after the investment income, lost a great opportunity to make money, and he also lost part of the principal So in his margin trading on the 10th day, he followed his own experience after hanging orders, thinking he must not be so unlucky, the market will go in the opposite direction all the time, so also did not set a stop loss But it seems that God intended him to learn a long lesson, the day of the After a short retracement, the trend turned down and fell below 115 points after 100 times the magnification of the transaction, the old He put into the margin trading account of $ 5,000 capital that day was involved in the relentless market, no money left. began to search the Internet for information about margin trading, found that in fact, the vast majority of people engaged in margin trading are losing money, only the degree of loss is not exactly the same, relying on margin trading rich investors always but all engaged in margin traders 10% but it is also this hundreds of times the myth of high returns, so that the same with the old He set of investors after set of investors into the quagmire of margin trading  The mind: investment can not rely on speculation When the reporter asked Lao He more than a year since the speculative foreign exchange experience, Lao He told reporters, perhaps because "once bitten by a snake, ten years afraid of a well rope", his margin account has been idle for almost six months of time However, when he carefully studied the characteristics of margin trading and understand thoroughly involved in this However, when he carefully studied the characteristics of margin trading and understand thoroughly participate in this kind of trading should have the mentality, he believes that margin trading is not suitable for all foreign exchange traders because this kind of trading although there is the possibility of overnight riches, but the chances are very small, need investors with good investment techniques and investment mentality, can navigate their accounts in the fluctuating market, and not for a momentary loss brewing big mistakes Lao He said, some people may lose a few dozen dollars In addition, he also clearly understands that margin trading is not legally protected in China and requires the opening of an overseas account to achieve this. Therefore, he cautioned the majority of investors to participate in margin trading must be careful in the face of journalists how to adjust a healthy mentality of speculation in foreign exchange, Lao He believes that investment in the foreign exchange market first need to develop a reasonable stop-loss ratio, and then never take a heavy position because in the foreign exchange market, how much money is often not a single The investor said, but depends on the market opportunity, but how much money can be lost completely by your own decision, to take the fate in their own hands Therefore, each investor needs to follow their own mental capacity, to find their own suitable position in the foreign exchange market, if there is a case of misjudgment should dare to close the position decisively, do not speculative mentality, to maintain a normal heart is the most important Previous  ;1 2
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