The Self-Disciplined Trader - Mark Douglas

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Editors PickEmotionalism is the enemy of the successful traderEven with a general knowledge of fundamentals forex broker rebate program technicals, as long as a trader can control his psychology, he is a winnerThis book will dissect the psychological wisdom of forexbrokerrebateprogram and form a step-by-step learning process that will lead you through the different necessary stages and successfully enter into trading, explaining what techniques are necessary and why you should learn them, and more importantly, how to learn them. autorebateforex Self-Disciplined Trader helps traders learn the key behaviors to respond to cashback forex conditions and opportunities Mark Douglas, a futures trader and teacher of trading dynamics, summarizes his past failed trading experiences and finds ways to solve the problems Douglas discusses how he The Self-Disciplined Trader provides a systematic, step-by-step approach to the mental techniques of accumulating wealth, helping traders to stop being afraid of losing and to master the mindset of market winners. Douglas, formerly a successful futures broker, has combined his own experience, including big losses, with the experience of others to develop methods for overcoming bad trading behavior and has taught the techniques in this book to prominent investment firms through seminars and workshops over the years. Write this book forexrebatebest 2 Why a new way of thinking Part 2 The nature of the trading environment from a psychological perspective Chapter 3 The market is always right Chapter 4 The possibilities of making and losing money are infinite Chapter 5 Prices are always fluctuating Chapter 6 The market is an environment without structure Chapter 7 In a market environment, reasons dont matter Chapter 8 Three steps to becoming a successful trader Part 3 Building an understanding of your FrameworkChapter 9 Understanding the Nature of the Mental EnvironmentChapter 10 How Memories, Associations, and Beliefs Manage Environmental InformationChapter 1l Why Learn to AdaptChapter 12 Motivation to Achieve Your GoalsChapter 13 Managing Mental EnergyChapter 14 Techniques for Effective ChangePart 4 How to Become a Self-Disciplined TraderChapter 15 The Psychology of Price VolatilityChapter 16 Steps to SuccessChapter 17 Final Notes
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