New Sirius XM iPhone App

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With a new Sirius XM iPhone app in the works, Sirius XM is looking to attract more subscribers. While the satellite radio service has been struggling with financial issues over the past few years, it is still a popular choice for many listeners. However, with the release of the iPod touch and iPhone, listening habits have changed. Instead of sitting in front of the radio, people are opting for online music streaming services.

The Sirius XM application for iOS allows users to find and listen to their favorite channels. It has been redesigned for Apple"s mobile platform, and offers a number of new features. Users can browse and bookmark their favorite channels, as well as customize their listening experience. They can also share their listening via iMessage.

Sirius XM is a subscription-based service, so there is likely to be a monthly fee associated with using the app. The company has not officially announced its pricing for the service, but reports suggest that it will be around $2.99 per month for the "Premium" subscription. That is in contrast to other subscription-based services like Pandora, which charges no fee and plays music.

In addition to the Sirius XM application, the satellite radio provider is launching a new all-in-one dock for the iPhone. It plugs into the car"s 12V DC power jack and converts the iPhone into a mobile satellite radio. This dock will feature a range of content that is exclusive to the satellite radio service. Among the offerings are the Sirius XM Radio channel and PGA TOUR Network.

Another feature of the Sirius XM app is its ability to control its background audio. This feature has always been available for Android, but the new iOS version adds additional settings options. As with other iPhone applications, the Sirius XM app can stream over WiFi or 3G, and it shows what is playing on a particular channel.

The new Sirius XM app for iPhone has been updated to include personalized recommendations, speedier tune times, and the ability to share listening via iMessage. The new SiriusXM iOS app also includes album art and large clickable areas to easily navigate through the app. You can now add songs to a shopping cart.

With the Sirius XM app for iOS, it is possible to set your preferred channels to shuffle. For example, you can have your favorites on one side and your sports talk channels on the other. This feature will allow you to quickly jump to your next favorite station without having to return to the home screen. Also, the iOS version of the Sirius XM app supports Wi-Fi, allowing users to play music from other apps, such as Pandora, while still listening to the satellite radio.

Finally, the Sirius XM application for Apple CarPlay features a "Discover" tab, as well as a "Recently Played" window. Users can also access previously streamed content, such as ESPN or MLB Home Plate.

Overall, the Sirius XM app for iPhone is free to download, and will be available for subscribers beginning Thursday. Subscribers can also use the Sirius XM iPhone application to stream their favorite programs, including the NFL, MLB, and Oprah Radio.

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