The newcomer to foreign exchange notes

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Because many of the newcomer to forexrebatebest forexbrokerrebateprogram autorebateforex not very understand forex broker rebate programg of foreign exchange, so new friends in the introduction of foreign exchange may appear a variety of problems, in order to allow new friends better understanding of the foreign exchange market, so in the new friends must know some notes when they start, these matters are new friends in the transaction is more likely to offend, so new friends must keep in mind the following Novice friends must bear in mind the following we will take a look at the matter of speculation in foreign exchange for novices to know the first, forex cashback forex funds to be sufficient for novices, the amount of the account must be sufficient, this is because if the novice funds are not enough, the risk of trading will be great and such accounts can not be a little error, a slight error will blow up the second, the reasonable use of stop loss to reduce the risk for Experienced foreign exchange investors, before trading will determine their own tolerable loss range, a reasonable set of stop-loss level, which can effectively help investors avoid some potential trading risks Third, foreign exchange trading can not rely only on luck and intuition in the investor to buy and sell foreign exchange, must establish their own way of trading if you do not have a fixed way of trading, then your profit is likely to May be very random, is to rely on luck but this profit is not permanent in the speculation in foreign exchange, trading intuition is very important, but only rely on intuition to do transactions is very risky behavior, understand the reasons for profit and the development of your personal profitable operation is the most important fourth, learn from previous mistakes, do not repeat the mistakes in foreign exchange trading is very normal, so do not just blame The important thing is to learn from mistakes and avoid making the same mistakes in the future. For investors, the faster you learn to accept losses and learn lessons, the faster the day of profit will come. At the beginning of the investors success or failure in trading depends on technology, but to a certain extent, the investor himself is the biggest obstacle to speculation in foreign exchange, so investors must have good self-control
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