The majority of people lose money from buying lottery tickets

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Basically, as forexbrokerrebateprogram any industry, all competitive industries are bound to be the winners cashback forex losers, and the successful ones, the ones who stand at the top, the ones who make big money are always a very small percentage of people like one tenth, or one hundredth, or one thousandth Th forex broker rebate program is reminiscent of some popular exams, such as the bar exam, where only ten percent of people are qualified to be lawyers in each exam This is reminiscent of some popular exams, such as the bar exam, each examination only ten percent of people have the qualification to be a lawyer; for example, the current civil service examination, the competition is even more intense in the industrial business, the cruelty of this competition is omnipresent, the losers are always silent, and the successful are always known, bright and shiny This is forexrebatebest the case in the field of autorebateforex we are engaged in, just a small microcosm, there is nothing special here, I want to say that even if the vast majority of people lose money, but does not mean that the vast majority of people will lead to life But it does not mean that the vast majority of people will lead to the cup of life this is why? Every week, my family buys lottery tickets, one bet per week and not much more than 20 RMB per month. In fact, except for sometimes winning a $5 or so, this strategy is currently losing money in general, and the money curve is typically down. Although I am certainly a typical loser in the lottery business at the moment, it is not a lifes cup of tea, but at the same time, the god of luck is always open because of the $20 a month invested. If you control the risk within the range you can afford, then, engaged in trading such an industry you may have never ventured, then the opportunities are endless, because only you try to know, failure is also normal, because failure and then failure, will not have a big impact on your life ultimately there may be you are suitable for trading, or you are not suitable for trading the end does not matter, the important thing is: do anything The important thing is: to do anything, not limited to trading, learn to control the risk within the scope of your ability to bear business is this, trading is also this, all the things that need to be invested in life is not so life in a perspective, how is not a business, a business. The hope of riches is open to you, but the cup of life can be completely avoided This is not to say that you can not bo, bo is conditional, when there is no choice, there is no way back, I am reminded of a famous saying, only when giving up resistance means death and slavery, weapons are sacred, war is sacred to quote a famous quote from Soros: "Do not be afraid to take risks, but when taking risks must not bet on Our mentality is to get rich overnight, to make our limited wealth grow geometrically. But this makes us fail quickly. Sometimes gambling is not purely about money. Just entertainment 1, do trading can not be based on emotion and luck, trading involves luck, but trading itself is not luck, not gambling Therefore, do trading first to establish their own trading system; 2, forming a trading system must include such aspects: quantifiable entry points, exit points and position management methods; 3, after having a trading system, does not mean that you have been successful, which, the implementation is On the one hand, but more critical how flexible, the correct use of the trading system is the most critical to success at this stage, you must continue to test your system, in the process of understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the system to deepen the understanding of the market, and the formation of the correct trading concept; 4, this test process for some people may be long, in this process, I strongly recommend that the first do simulation single; second I recommend using forex trading to hone your trading level, because forex trading only requires a deposit of a few hundred or a thousand dollars for position management and effective trading; third, learn simple programming, the use of programmed trading software for historical data testing, there is TB software in the mainland, in foreign countries there are TS, ami, multi, etc., just need to learn to use Fourth, review 5, when you have the right trading concept and trading system, you must also learn effective risk management, here, learn to manage their own capital curve is the key 6, master these, you can be surprised to find that the so-called execution naturally developed, because the operation of all things change in your expectations at this point you can carry out the real If you still have no thorough understanding, do not take heavy positions in the market Summary: The right way can allow you to bypass many bumps in the road of trading, thus avoiding the unnecessary harm brought to your mind, body, family Author: tradeworld
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