The learning of opening and holding a position in forex trading

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In gold forexrebatebest, open forexbrokerrebateprogramg and holding a position forex broker rebate program a topic that cannot be avoided in trading. How to open a position in the gold investment how to hold a position? So this is also the basic problem but as the performance of the market form, build, hold positions to later close the position to carry out always, although it is the basic problem, but also the back of the classroom, continue to study the problem below to introduce how to transition from the basic level to improve the level, mainly three kinds of build, hold positions mode one: simple input mode simple input mode is generally speaking two two configuration, that is, the investment of autorebateforex always is a half position operation, for any market input to maintain the necessary, maximum vigilance, always adhere to the half position behavior, for the gold market risk investment first strive to achieve invincibility, always adhere to the use of funds proactive right, in the case of investment but a loss, if the need to cover the behavior, the investment behavior of the funds retained is also two two configuration, rather than a one-time replenish positions, two two allocation is the basis of the simple input method model, simple but with a certain degree of security and reliability but the disadvantage of the dichotomous cashback forex is that the investment behavior to a certain extent lack of enthusiasm II: compound investment model compound investment mode of investment is more complex, strictly speaking, there are a variety of levels of division, but the main three points system and six points system 1: three points system mainly divides the funds into three equal parts, the act of building a position The act of building a position is always completed in three times, and the intervention is done one by one. For the large capital, the act of building a position is judged to be a certain area, so the act of building a position is a certain periodical act The act of building a position in the three-part system generally retains one-third of the risk capital, and the act of building a position in the three-part system is more active compared to the two-part system. The remaining one-third of the funds retained can have a more positive investment attitude under the three-part investment model is not complicated, more scientific than the two-part system, more positive than the two-part system in terms of investment attitude, but this positive position-building behavior must be based on the premise that the main body of the investment funds to obtain a certain profit three-part system has the disadvantage that risk control is lower than the two-part system. Risk control ability 2: The six-point system is a relative combination of the basic features of the dichotomous system and the three-point system, and actively play the advantages of the two models and the formation of the six-point system of position building behavior specific capital division is as follows: six-point system will be divided into six equal parts of the overall investment funds, six equal parts of the funds in three steps A: the first step for 1 unit both accounted for 1/6 of the total funds; B: the second step accounted for 2 units both accounted for 1/3 of the total funds; C: the third order for 3 units both accounted for 1/2 of the total funds six points system of position building behavior is relatively flexible, is A, B, C three steps of the effective combination of funds, according to the market can be different according to the (A, B, C) (A, C, B) (B, A, C) (B, C, A) (B, C, A) (C, A, B) (C, B, A) six combinations of the use of funds, but in the use of the process regardless of that combination, the The last group is the risk funds, while regardless of that ladder, the intervention of the funds must be in each unit progressively in the use of A, B, C three ladder of funds at the same time can also be used in the use of B order of funds with two points system, the use of C order of funds using three points system, so that more comprehensive six points system is a relatively flexible and mobile, safe and reliable mode of capital input, in the investment behavior combined with the above The advantages of the two methods, but the disadvantage is that the procedures in the use of the process is somewhat complex III: portfolio funds investment model portfolio funds investment model and the perspective discussed earlier is not exactly the same, strictly speaking, not the amount of funds to divide, but the investment cycle behavior to divide the funds, mainly divided into long, medium and short cycle three investment patterns to determine the division of funds mode generally speaking now is the overall funds are divided into 4 equal parts, that is, long, medium, short, risk control funds four parts of the building behavior is not a single model, each model has its own advantages and disadvantages, but relatively speaking, the sextant method of division is more scientific, but the more scientific method may be more complex, so in complex cases, the sextant method to divide the funds to invest in gold, while using the dichotomous method, the principle of control of the trichotomous method to do capital investment The analysis is simpler, thus simplifying the complexity into simplicity
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