The four most common forex trading strategies used by UK forex traders

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There cashback forexbrokerrebateprogram man autorebateforex trad forexrebatebestg strategies to choose from for profitable forex trading, but some of them are far more popular than others The team at Toptrading platform was commissioned to study the most common strategies used by UK forex traders as part of an ongoing study of UK forex traders The team surveyed 1,747, British people aged 18 forex broker rebate program over who claimed they were actively trading forex. The team surveyed 1,747 British people aged 18 and over who claimed they were actively trading forex when asked what the most common strategies were? They gave the following results: Scalping: 35% of respondents said they were actively involved in short or ultra-short trades This type of strategy involves holding a position for a few minutes before the end of the trade and then skimming a few points of profit Intraday trading: 40% of respondents said they get particularly excited before the end of the day! As the name suggests, this strategy is designed to avoid being caught up in large swings overnight In this case, the trade may last several hours, but similar to scalping, it is also possible to close the trade in a few minutes, depending on the opportunity Swing trading: 18% of respondents are using this strategy In this case, the position lasts for several days, profiting from short-term price patterns usually A swing trader evaluates his situation every half hour or hour Long-term trading: 7% of the respondents are accompanied by the idea of long-term gains They are not interested in short-term operations, but they seek to maximize profits from major changes in prices Usually, these traders will only look at the charts at the end of the day It is clear from the survey that UK Forex traders are looking for short term gains, which could be a sense of a lack of education and confidence in the financial assets they trade Ethan Rowe, editor-in-chief of, commented: This trend is very surprising as it clearly shows that the majority of Forex traders in the UK know very little about financial assets and they may be looking at Online trading as a different form, perhaps a more ‘politically correct’ way of gambling He claims that if forex brokers want to retain these customers in the long term and avoid them burning through their money soon, then doing the appropriate training and education for these traders should be the forex brokers primary goal
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