The foreign exchange tutorial

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speculation forexrebatebest forexbrokerrebateprogram autorebateforex has now formed a big trend, more and more people joined the foreign exchange investment forex broker rebate program, although many people suffered losses when investing in foreign exchange, but there cashback forex still a steady stream of investors to follow. The tutorials for getting started in foreign exchange can help newcomers to the market to avoid taking very unnecessary detours. 1, make good use of the budget. Speculation in foreign exchange can be carried out using their spare funds, should not invest too much reserve funds and lead to their livelihood is affected. This is the newcomer in the time of speculation in foreign exchange to learn to make good use of their own budget, to the transaction planning a good allocation of funds. Too much input will also affect the investors emotions, can not maintain a calm and objective state of mind. 2, flexible stop loss. Foreign exchange at the time of introduction, may not be able to master the operation of the market or the newcomers can not flexibly use indicators to analyze the market, but we can do is to their own single a certain range of stop loss, so that even if our single investment direction is wrong, but can maximize the protection of our capital. 3, the implementation of the trading plan to be thorough. Before trading, as far as possible, the market into a speculation of their own, set a stop-loss point, then in the trading time to thoroughly implement their own trading plan, to the stop-loss point to immediately cut the position out, do not pray for the market to turn around, this behavior is just waiting for the rabbit. 4, record transactions. Newcomers to the time of their own transactions to tightly grasp, each time an operation to record the reasons for the operation, such as what news led me to such a transaction, or the use of what indicators to analyze the results, and according to the results of the transaction to compare the accuracy of the transaction, which allows investors to grow quickly. 5, with the trend. Investors should hold the principle that the market is always right, even if you think the market trend is not right, but also from their own causes, follow the market trend, do not operate against the trend. The above are a few important issues for the introduction of foreign exchange speculation, newcomers to the market trend to follow the action, learn to summarize the lessons learned in practice, and maintain an open-minded attitude to learn, you may become the foreign exchange markets winning general.
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