The foreign exchange speculation to fully do their homework

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speculation autorebateforex forexrebatebest forex broker rebate program not able to easily make money, which speculation experts are also after a long time of fight forexbrokerrebateprogramg the foreign exchange market to achieve success, want to do foreign exchange transactions effectively, we must fully do our homework, these homework includes: fundamentals, technical aspects, capital management, the establishment of the trading system cashback forex the analysis of market sentiment About the fundamentals: we have spoken too much, investors in When speculating in foreign exchange need to pay attention to is not all the news on our analysis is useful or even helpful, to learn the basic way to discriminate and to have their own ideas to achieve a deep grasp of the source is the best, some foreign large financial news site news is often more timely and accurate, conditional investors should often pay attention to these sources of information about speculation in foreign exchange technical analysis: technical There are so many methods of analysis: Gann theory, wave theory, K-line, etc. What we have to do is to discover the most suitable among these methods and to try to overcome its own weaknesses, and when necessary, more need for other ways of analysis to fill or make up for how to manage funds? To be clear about what kind of effect you want to achieve speculation in foreign exchange, a reasonable ratio of capital and position control is the key to success If you bring the majority of their funds to gambling, then want to bottom risk is delusional, this time the transaction is difficult to overcome the double pressure from the market and the investors own psychology to achieve success The establishment of the trading system, in fact, do a good job of the above points will then A relatively reasonable trading system has basically been laid, of course, also need to be in the future speculation in foreign exchange activities will continue to improve it is the most important speculation in foreign exchange is to know what you have, what you want to be able to lose for this what so that you can do a hundred profit, greed or no plan is a stumbling block to success!  
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