How to Set Up an XM Radio in Car

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If you have purchased a car or you"re a new driver, you"ll need to know how to set up an XM radio in your vehicle. There are several ways to do this. Typically, you will need to purchase an antenna, and an XM-ready home receiver. You"ll also need to purchase a subscription. For an affordable option, you can use a Sirius XM tuner. These devices will connect to your car"s Sirius-ready radio. However, this isn"t the only way to get Sirius in your vehicle.

Before you can set up an XM radio in your car, you"ll need to have a subscription. Once you"ve subscribed, you"ll need to enter your username, password, and Radio ID into the Online Account Center. Then, you can add your new vehicle to your account. After you do this, you"ll receive a three-month trial period to listen to a selection of XM stations. This trial can be reactivated later.

If you"re a new driver, you can purchase a Sirius-ready radio, or you can install an XM radio yourself. It"s not difficult to do, but you may want to hire a professional to help you. A lot of people like to mount their antenna in the hood or near the windshield. An antenna can be easily hidden in a car, but you"ll need to find a place that"s free of obstructions.

A Sirius-ready radio can be connected to your car"s AUX input. Many cars have an auxiliary input, and you can usually find one in your dashboard or console. Another option is to use a VAIS SiriusXM car kit. When you buy this, you"ll get an antenna, an auxiliary cable, an FM-Modulator, a ground connection, and power.

To get the best sound quality from your radio, you can also buy an Aux Input Adapter. Several different types of vehicles have these, and they"re easy to install. They"ll allow you to listen to more than 165 stations from the comfort of your car.

An XM radio will cost you between $60 and $150. But, you can pay monthly or yearly. Whether you"re interested in a car kit, or an antenna, it"s important to shop around to ensure you"re getting the best deal.

The most common locations for a SiriusXM car kit are near the factory stereo, and the cigarette lighter. Some kits come with a dash-mounted antenna, while others are designed to be installed in your console. Both options require you to access a power source, so you"ll need to make sure you"re close to the battery.

SiriusXM offers several packages, so you"ll need to decide which option is right for you. If you"re just looking to listen to your favorite channels, you can get a basic subscription, or choose the 360L package, which includes on-demand streaming content. Other options include the SiriusXM Satellite Radio, which allows you to listen to live satellite radio in your vehicle. Plus, you can tune to games and sports, get weather and traffic information, and enjoy other benefits.

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