The foreign exchange market four elements (time market active currency events)

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In my childhood, the teacher let us write narrative essay, there will be time, place, people, events four elements, conversion forexrebatebest the foreign exchange forex broker rebate program, we can also correspond to the four dimensions: time period, foreign exchange market, active currency, important events today to talk about The four elements of the foreign exchange market forexbrokerrebateprogram a 24-hour market, unlike the stock market, the foreign exchange market, global traders are cashback forex the same financial product information autorebateforex communication technology development, to the development of the financial market has brought great convenience, the field call trading is gradually giving way to 24-hour non-stop electronic trading, almost all major financial assets can now be in any corner of the world almost 24-hour non-stop trading, but the real nature of continuous trading is only the foreign exchange market, because the global traders are trading the same financial products take stocks, most stocks are traded in the local exchange, the domestic Shanghai and Shenzhen A shares, Japans Tokyo Stock Exchange, Frances Paris Stock Exchange, the United States of Americas New York Stock Exchange, basically most of the trading stock companies are The majority of the stock companies traded are companies in their own countries, and traders are also concentrated in their home countries, and basically the market is also open and closed at any time, there is always a trader somewhere in the world who can provide two-way quotes while foreign exchange trading which is different, it is a 24-hour market, at any time, there is always a trader somewhere in the world who can provide two-way quotes, for example, Citibank is headquartered in New York, but in nearly One hundred and fifty countries and regions with branches to provide a constant flow of two-way quotes on foreign exchange In addition to these large investment banks, in each time period, the local foreign exchange trading activities, there are also local dealers to provide foreign exchange market transactions are more concentrated foreign exchange trading is a global market transactions, so the impact of global information is greater, foreign exchange traders need to be 24 hours a day from Around the world to obtain information, and based on the latest information to make trading strategies Therefore, each bank and market maker will be their own trading room overnight positions with up and down lines to control the risk of trading, and the three major markets usually close positions before the market based on the judgment of the market, which makes the foreign exchange market transactions are very concentrated, price changes are dramatic and one-step [Note: the three major markets are: New York (and Chicago), London, Tokyo (and Singapore)] foreign exchange market "four elements" (time, market, active currency, events) the current global three major foreign exchange market: New York (and Chicago), London, Tokyo (and Singapore), the three markets are affected by each other, for example, the first two market profit-taking sell-off Often in the third market; similarly, the first two market continuous low, to the third market when the market may rebound such as New Yorks large investors are seriously set, he may not close on the spot, that will further depress the exchange rate, he will open the market in New Zealand, Sydney and Tokyo, depending on the situation gradually unsettle the three major markets of foreign exchange trading each characteristic, mainly due to the market is located in the regions trade situation, foreign exchange demand. At the same time is also the three major market forces wrestling with each other, speculative trading results of the characteristics of what? 1. Asian and American markets tend to buy and sell Japan and the United States, because the Asian session is the main business activities in Japan and the time of the announcement of Japanese economic news, and the American market, due to the large volume of U.S.-Japanese trade 2. in the European market hours to buy and sell the euro, pound sterling, U.S. dollars, and the main currency cross rates for speculative trading 3. The American market is the most important time for the global currency market, the main currency transactions are very perhaps, at the same time, "emerging currency" transactions are also basically concentrated in this time 4. This period of time the Japanese market opened, followed by Hong Kong, Singapore and other Asian markets opened one after another, if there is a major market, the Japanese and American foreign exchange dealers in New Zealand, Sydney early intervention 8:00 ~ 9:00 is the start of the Japanese time, it is preceded and followed by a possible retracement of the previous trading day, may also be the start of a new trend, fake action more, at this time to enter, it is easy to be cheated, not suitable for entry 9:00 ~ 10:00 Japan opened an hour later, the market gradually clear, more suitable for trading the second period: 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m. Japanese market large investors tend to strike at this time, until 3:00 p.m. before closing out positions, most of the large investors in Hong Kong to follow the third period: the afternoon (14:00-18:00) European morning market medium amplitude quotes. Is the main trading session from the opening of the London market to the morning, the euro and various European currencies are actively traded 13:00 ~ 15:00 after the end of the first day of the market after the overnight trend, the market has been retraced in place, in line with the trend of the previous trading day into the market, the effect is very good 15:00 ~ 17:00 and 13:00 ~ 15:00 similar, but slightly later, the price may not be as good as the former, but still can Entry 17:00 ~ 19:00 price is not good, the European market opened early, easy to be lulled by the intra-day day retracement and contention 19:00 ~ 20:00 before the first wave of U.S. data out, at this time to enter, similar to gambling, the effect is extremely poor fourth paragraph: the evening (20:00-24:00) the European afternoon plate and the U.S. morning plate large fluctuations in the market 20:00 ~ 21:00 U.S. first wave of data out, you can choose to enter the field, the effect is still 22:00 ~ 23:00 U.S. second wave of data out before entering the field, also similar to gambling, the effect is very poor 23:00 ~ 24:00 U.S. second wave of data out, you can choose to enter the field, the effect is still possible fifth section: late at night (00:00-3:00 am) is London closing, New York, the main time period for large investors to strike to create the market
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