The foreign exchange margin must be cautious

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       F forexbrokerrebateprogrameign exchange marg forexrebatebest trading forex broker rebate program a kind of leverage through the actual transaction amount to exp autorebateforex dozens of times, hundreds of times the form of speculation in cashback forex exchange it can be "small to large" trading characteristics, so that It has become a mainstream international means of speculation in foreign exchange        According to the introduction, foreign exchange margin trading is also called margin trading, it refers to between financial institutions and financial institutions and individual investors to carry out a spot or forward speculation foreign exchange way from the essence, somewhat similar to the domestic It has been developed for many years futures trading in the margin trading, the trader only pay 0.5% to 20% of the deposit (margin), you can carry out 100% of the amount of transactions, that is, "small to large" in the possibility of increased profits at the same time, the risk is also the same amplification Therefore, the special attention of investors, in the intervention In recent years, more and more traders aiming at Chinas large market, making many domestic investors to shift their investment eyes to foreign exchange, gold, futures and other more rational financial investment market   However, many domestic exchange friends of foreign exchange this market is not very well understood, especially the regularity of the dealer and capital security issues perhaps you mastered a certain analysis techniques, the You also heard a lot of information about foreign exchange dealers from the network or friends, now foreign exchange agents and investment companies financial investment advertising is also done all over the place, but really can understand and distinguish which is the regular dealers, which is not regulated dealers and which is the private platform agents and how many of them? Some unscrupulous investment companies are simply the form of betting with investors, rather than the margin into the international market to hedge, they tend to do tricks on their platforms such as common problems such as dropped lines, in front of the obvious market can not open positions, and losses can not close positions, so you only lose money; when your money is lost, in fact, all your margin into their pockets followed by The slippage problem, or they will slide the spread is very large, to 30 of the spread of the slippage for example (in fact, some illegal platform spreads than this higher), you each transaction when the exchange rate according to your order direction up or down 50 points, and you actually only earn 20 points please think about such a platform can be profitable? If you choose these black platforms for gambling, even if your analysis techniques are good, your margin is at risk   so in the choice of traders, we must be careful, open a little preferential trading conditions is not necessarily a regular and safe trader, in addition to good advertising, many people with the trader is not necessarily the regular Traders we should know how to rationally choose a trader to open an account, in determining whether a trader is formal recommended that you refer to the following points: 1, whether the trader is regulated whether the trader is regulated, is the legitimacy of the trader and whether the investors funds are an important prerequisite for protection Currently there are several well-known regulatory bodies around the world: FSA (Europe), NFA (United States), CFTC (United States) The security and legitimacy of SFC (Hong Kong) traders should be subject to the supervision of local regulators, traders should be in the regulators record, and there is no bad history there are some unscrupulous elements to make up or change the name of the registered regulatory authority, or use the ordinary limited company registration number, fabricated regulatory registration number, investors must be careful 2, the separation of funds and customer funds security customer funds and Dealer company operating funds account is separated in the bank, and the dealer can not be diverted from the customer funds, even if the dealer company financial problems, customer funds will not be affected so when you open a deposit, the margin is into the foreign regulated dealer company account, if the investment company or dealer to your deposit account is a domestic agents company account or private person account, that Your money can be said to have no return 3, whether the account opening procedures are complete for account opening procedures are generally required to provide proof of identity, proof of address and other relevant information, and to sign a contract with the dealer through the agent (written or electronic version) hastily open a deposit account and other procedures are not complete personal opinion is not reliable, it is recommended that you be careful 4, reasonable spreads and commissions because the account opening in China generally have to go through Agents or agents for procedures, dealers as companies need to make a profit, agents are also the same at present the formal practice is this, dealers earn is the trading spread, generally straight for 2 to 5 points of spread; at the same time reasonably charged a certain trading commission, which is normal for many so-called zero spread or no commission to attract customers to open an account, 99% are betting platforms, not regular platforms. It is recommended that you should be cautious 5, choose a formal foreign dealer because China does not allow the existence of domestic dealers (except for the real bank, the bank is a government monopoly), so the formal legal protection of the dealer can only be foreign foreign dealers in China have offices, agents or agents responsible for helping customers to open accounts, so when you hear a domestic dealer must be The main business in the domestic development of Europe, the United States and Hong Kong and other regions of the trader is worth reminding: Hong Kongs regular traders leverage can not exceed 1:20, which is the relevant financial laws of Hong Kong, more than are likely to be black platform nature    Speaking of which, I believe that many investors who are ready to join the foreign exchange market or have In the foreign exchange market conquest of investors have a certain understanding of this part of the foreign exchange capital security advise you to find regulated formal traders to open an account, the best also consider the economic strength of the trader market risk, investment must be careful; hope that investors grasp the business opportunities, more profit!
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