The dilemma of strategic investment

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In previous years, the so-called strategic forexrebatebest cashback forex combines value investment forex broker rebate program swing operation (or forexbrokerrebateprogram hotspots) had been sought after in the fund, and some fund managers who pursued th autorebateforex strategy became star fund managers because they caught the auto stock market for a while with better performance But the author believes that although the so-called strategic investment works better in a certain period of time, its effect is bound to be unsustainable and is an overly clever and Because in this concept and strategy, fund managers face double difficulties, one is the fund manager can not consistently and consistently correct prediction of market trends and bands, if possible, the performance of its funds will be a world miracle, because the Chinese stock market is very volatile, there are many opportunities, and this is a paradox since it can consistently and consistently correct prediction of market trends and bands, that value investment is purely The second is that even if the correct prediction of the market trend and band, the trend and band of individual stocks and and the trend and band of the whole market may not be synchronized, the so-called earning the index loss of money, two-eight phenomenon, nine dead life phenomenon is about this dilemma Investment has the way of investment, speculation also has a speculative approach I personally believe that value investment and the combination of swing operation of the so-called strategic investment I personally believe that the combination of value investment and swing operation of the so-called strategic investment, even pure swing operation that speculative operation is worse, because the combination of the two, the combination of the two is often the disadvantage rather than advantage, investors have two scales in their hearts, one weighing corporate value, a weighing market trends, and corporate value and market trends often diverge in the short term, investors sometimes for the value of the standard and reduce the trend standard requirements, and sometimes The investor is often caught in the dilemma of the first and the second, contradictory and cannot extricate themselves, not to mention the long-term investment results are not good, and the psychological trauma caused by this pain and contradiction alone is difficult to make up for in money. One of the basic advantages of value investment is that it is not affected by market sentiment and price fluctuations, and makes judgments and decisions rationally. A real investor, he has the right to ignore the market offer at any time, and will never passively make compulsive mistakes such as chasing up and killing down because of other peoples irrational emotions and the so-called wave or market hotspots, but smart strategic investment combines emotional wave or market hotspots, so that the basic advantages of value investment are gone, which is just a kind of behavior of leading the wolf into the house, and the wisdom is misplaced. I think this is the dilemma faced by the so-called strategic investment from the heart and not exceed the rules to be a pure investor, so that investment, life, the state of mind to come more simple, investment results will be better, the highest level of investment will be closer to a step Of course, I always support the study of Warren Buffett at the same time, to gradually form their own style, free to play but I have an experience is that we must adhere to The moment is the basic principles of investment, the basic principles are hundreds of years of stock market history of countless investment martyrs with blood and even life for the contempt of these basic principles is to pay a heavy price on the question of whether the principles will become obsolete, Warren Buffett said wisely: If the principles can be obsolete, they are not called principles in my humble opinion, fundamental stock selection, technical selection or The so-called strategic investment has gone beyond the basic principles of investment and gone astray, deep in the mire of eclecticism and difficult to extricate themselves from the error is no boundary, the opportunity cost of error is huge, life is short, turn back is the shore, we do not have much time to poor by the old head After so many years of hardship, I still insist that abandoning technical analysis, focus on company analysis, is a real investor the most rational, the most pragmatic and wise choice. There is a saying among the people, laundry and cooking a day of peace, building and renovating a year of peace, to discuss two wives is a lifetime of peace investors trying to combine basic and technical analysis, trying to combine value investment and swing operations (or market hotspots), like to discuss two wives, perhaps a lifetime of peace
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