Sirius XM Corporate Office Phone Number

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Sirius XM is one of the largest and most popular ad-supported audio entertainment streaming services in the U.S. It offers a wide range of programming from music, sports, talk radio and more. It also boasts a number of unique features, such as its connected vehicle services, which provide convenience and safety services to customers.

The company also owns a host of trademarks, including the Sirius name, the XM Radio and Pandora brands, and other marks. The company has also invested in the world"s largest open audio platform, SoundCloud. This investment is set to increase the scope and speed of the company"s product development.

Sirius XM offers a variety of subscription options, including a trial subscription for new subscribers. To sign up for a free trial, go to the website and follow the on-screen instructions. You can also call the phone number to discuss the options with a customer service representative. However, beware of the long wait times that some customers have experienced. Also, be sure to check your device to make sure it is compatible with the service. If you do not, you might be subject to data charges.

Although Sirius XM claims to offer the best customer service in the business, it"s not without its fair share of complaints. Some customers claim that their customer service representatives are rude and fail to follow through on promises. There are also several complaints about Sirius" billing practices. Specifically, some customers are surprised to learn that they are charged for services they did not receive. In addition, the company is often accused of charging consumers for services that have been cancelled.

Sirius XM provides a number of useful informational services, including live sports, live news coverage and podcasts. For example, the company"s "Guardian" service can help drivers to find local emergency services in the event of an accident or other life-threatening situation. Additionally, its "Connected Vehicle Services" include features such as enhanced roadside assistance, stolen vehicle recovery and turn-by-turn navigation. Lastly, the company"s mobile apps are a handy tool for getting around town.

In the same way that Sirius XM offers a wide array of channels, it also curates podcasts from leading creators. They have two dedicated Howard Stern channels, and the company owns the popular SiriusXM podcasts Radio Andy and Business Radio Powered By The Wharton School.

Sirius XM also offers some of the most innovative technology available today. For example, its "Guardian" service can alert emergency services when airbags deploy in a vehicle. Other features, such as its weather services for airplanes and boats, are also a big draw. With its extensive coverage of national and international events, and its ability to deliver weather and other related information to vehicles of all shapes and sizes, the company is quickly becoming one of the most widely used providers of connected vehicle services.

Despite its successes, Sirius XM still has a long way to go before it can rival competitors in terms of service and content. Unfortunately, its customers have not been impressed with its customer service, and there are a number of reasons for that.

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