The candlestick chart of gold

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investors in the analys forex broker rebate program of forexrebatebest price trends, need to combine fundamental and technical analysis for directional judgment, so how to read the autorebateforex chart has become the most asked questions of newcomers, in fact, candlestick forexbrokerrebateprogram analysis cashback forex gold chart, as a general investor is difficult to master all, but there is no need to master all, because their essence is the same that is to say, as long as the mastery of Candlestick pattern analysis of the basic method, you can apply candlestick pattern analysis of spot gold chart, no matter how complex it is, we can use its first opening price and the last closing price will be reduced to a single candlestick if the reverted candlestick candlestick meaning is not consistent with the original candlestick pattern, then the candlestick needs to continue to confirm; if the reverted If the restored candlestick can support the candlestick pattern, then there is no need to confirm the greatest benefit of the restored pattern is to simplify the complex, not easy to grasp spot gold chart into a single spot gold trend candlestick, the long and short meaning is clear at a glance Therefore, mastering the restored pattern method, investors have a golden finger, can be on any spot gold chart candlestick pattern research and judgment, even if this pattern we have not been exposed to In order to avoid misidentification, some similar spot gold charts should be repeatedly compared to really figure out the difference between them, such as the current spot gold chart with 3 positive graphics, but due to the change of the positive entity, there will be three white soldiers, the enemy and step by step 3 patterns, their respective technical meaning is different, and the corresponding operation methods are also different. Candlestick chart, because it is in a different location, its meaning is also different to this investor must pay attention to take the big positive line, many people think, where the big positive line is up signal, in fact, this understanding is not comprehensive, when the spot gold trend quickly up after pulling out the big positive line often has the meaning of the top, it is not a buy signal
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