The actual foreign exchange investment practical tips

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 What are the foreign exchange autorebateforexvestment tips? Many people who speculate in foreign exchange want to have some more useful foreign exchange cashback forex skills, only to master more foreign exchange investment skills on their own speculation in foreign exchange forexbrokerrebateprogram beneficial foreign exchange pass financial investment training small to introduce you to some better foreign exchange investment skills, hope to help you 1, know yourself as the top. Know yourself forexrebatebest your enemy, a hundred battles will forex broker rebate program be dangerous but in the foreign exchange market, then know yourself as the top, investors need to understand their own character, because people who are prone to impulsivity or emotional tendencies are not suitable for this investment successful investors, most can control their emotions and have strict discipline, can effectively restrain themselves so that, know yourself, before the final victory in the foreign exchange market 2, face the market, abandon the illusion. The market is real, do not be emotional, excessive longing for the future and reminiscing about the past a senior trader said: a person full of fantasy, emotional, very exposed is a wonderful and happy person, but he is not suitable for investors, a successful investor is able to separate his feelings, fantasy and trading 3, small households do not blindly invest in successful investors will not blindly follow the advice of the next person When everyone is in the same investment position, especially those small investors have also followed, successful investors will feel the danger of changing course blind obedience is a fatal psychological weakness of small investors an economic data published, a news suddenly flashed, a 5-minute price chart breakthrough, they are scrambling to jump into the market not afraid to lose money together, only to fear that we all earn in a sense, sometimes look at the wrong Market trends, or into a single sudden reversal of the situation, thus leading to a single trapped, this is a normal phenomenon, even the experts are not immune to, however, in how to make decisions and deal with the aftermath, the most foolish behavior is derived from the small household psychology 4, trading do not overtrade to become a successful investor, one of the principles is to keep 2-3 times more money at any time to cope with price fluctuations If you do not have sufficient funds, you should reduce the number of contracts held in your hands, otherwise, you may be forced to cut positions due to insufficient funds to free up funds, even if the vision later proved to be accurate does not help 5, the idea is set, do not rashly change such as after full consideration and analysis, predetermined the price of the day into the market and the plan, do not easily change the decision due to the impact of the immediate price rise and fall, based on the day Price changes and market news and temporary decisions, unless it is a flash of investment sage, generally speaking, are very dangerous 6, when the opportunity to invest in the foreign exchange market, resulting in failure of many psychological factors, a common situation is that investors face increasing losses, and even know that they can not be lucky, but often because of indecision, failure to make a decision, and thus The deeper you fall, the more losses increase the brave man breaks his arm, when the break is broken 7, not sure when, wait and see. Investors are not required to enter the market every day, the first entrants are often eager to enter the market to buy and sell, but successful investors will wait for the opportunity, when they enter the market, feel doubt or uncertainty will also leave the market first, hold a wait-and-see attitude 8, when adversity, leave the market to rest investors because of the loss or gain of personal interests, so the spirit of long-term extreme tension if the profit, there is a little satisfaction to comfort But if you are in adversity, losses, and even a series of unnecessary mistakes, then we must pay attention, do not lose sobriety and calmness of mind, at this time, the best choice is to leave everything behind, rest from the market and the end of the rest, temporary profit and loss has become the past, the mind has been calm, the burden of thought has been removed believe that the efficiency of investment will be improved There is a saying that the general who will not rest is not a good general. Do not know how to rest and recuperate, break the enemy to pull the city from the talk 9, patience is also an investment investment market has a maxim that patience is a kind of investment but believe that few investors can do this, or really understand its meaning for people engaged in investment work, must develop their own good patience and endurance patience, is often a multiplier for investment success, the final result is precisely negative many Investors, not their low analytical ability, nor their lack of investment experience, but only the lack of a patience, which led to premature buying or selling, incurring unnecessary losses Therefore, every investor involved in the foreign exchange market should realize from their own consciousness, patience is also an investment 10, do not misunderstand for a few points in foreign exchange trading, do not blindly when taking profits The pursuit of integers in the actual operation, some people in the establishment of positions, set themselves a profit target, such as to earn enough $ 200 before leaving, the psychology is always waiting for the arrival of this moment after the profit, sometimes the price is close to the target, at this time the opportunity to close the profit is good, but just a few points short of not yet in place, could have closed the money, but in the way of the original goal, in the wait to miss the best price. Sitting lost opportunity please remember, in order to strong fight a few points and miss things is not worth
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