Technical analysis - the right arm of short term operation profitability

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For short term operation, the importance of technical analys autorebateforex, I do not need to repeat here Technical analysis methods are many, I underst forexrebatebest and the market is commonly used to give you a brief cashback forextroduction to several (because the content is too much, it is very troublesome to organize, just one day to organize part of it) Yin Yang Candle Yin Yang Candle is the oldest technical analysis tool, it is said to have originated In Japan, the Tokugawa Shogunate era, Osaka-do Island rice market trading, early in the rise of the stock market in Southeast Asia, only later spread to Western countries and the Yin Yang candle consists of three parts, including the upper shadow forex broker rebate program, the candle body (the middle rectangular entity) and the lower shadow line:   to the daily chart, for example, the uppermost tip of the Yin Yang candle, that is, the top of the shadow line is the highest forexbrokerrebateprogram of the day, while the bottom of the tip, that is, the bottom of the lower shadow line is the lowest price of the day As for the body part of the candle, it should be separated into positive and negative candles. The positive candle is represented by a white body, the bottom of which is the opening price and the top of which is the closing price; on the contrary, the negative candle is represented by a black body, the top of which is the opening price and the bottom is the closing price. Meaning (yin and yang candle) K-line from the rice market in Japan before, buyers and sellers shouting price situation left behind in the record, so there are rice line called K-line is the market on behalf of the buyer and seller of the power of the situation, to further use this information to understand the actual power of the sale, and then detect the price trend, K-line can be said to be the basis of all technical analysis is also the most commonly used indicators K-line type of application ( (1) head line Yesterday was a positive line, but todays small line only covers yesterdays head not more than one-third of the entity The use of the strategy: (A) in the low or the bottom of the buy low, the main force into the goods 2. (3) into the neck line yesterday was a large negative, but today produced a positive line and the closing price of todays small positive line is higher than the lowest price of yesterdays large negative line Application of the strategy: is a rebound signs, but the buyers momentum is still weak, it is best to sell at a high (4) insertion line (turnaround line) yesterday was a large negative line, but today produced a large positive line, and the closing price of the large positive line, but higher than half of yesterdays large negative line Application of the strategy: this (5) Entry line (the real turnaround line) Yesterday was a big negative but today produced a big positive line, and the closing price of the big positive line today is higher than 2/3 of yesterdays big negative line Strategies used: This suggests that the sellers momentum has weakened If todays closing price is not pushed up near the market, the price will rebound in the near future (6) Reverse line Todays big positive line or big negative line completely overshadows yesterdays The use of the strategy: this implies that the direction of price increases and decreases will be completely changed, the case of A to sell and the case of B to buy (7) reverse line This days trend and yesterdays exact opposite, but the closing price of the two days is very similar, such as yesterdays high open low go todays low open high go this case The use of the strategy: this implies that the line is about to reverse, the case of high-grade A to sell and the case of B at the bottom of the file can be bought The case can be bought usually is the main short term back and forth operation caused, but if it happens in a continuous rise or fall in the market must be particularly careful (8) double-positive, double-negative line two positive lines or negative lines side by side The use of the strategy: the positive line implies a strong buy while the negative line is the opposite, in addition, if todays positive line (negative line) than yesterdays much larger than the decisive breakthrough, in the presence of positive line A can Buy when the positive line A, and vice versa, when the B is to sell the point to pay special attention to these two situations in the continuous rise (down) of the market, pay special attention to the reverse opportunity (9) the price of the day implied line in the high-grade after the appearance of a large positive line immediately after the next day with the lower shadow of the negative line or the cross line The use of the strategy: in the high-grade when this type of line and the average line and price distance is very large, is a sell signal (10) the bottom price Suggestive lines A positive line or a negative line with a lower shadow appears immediately after a large negative line in the low range, and the volume is shrinking. Strategy: If the three lines appear on the left after the price has fallen heavily and the volume has shrunk for nearly two to three weeks, it indicates a bottom, so consider buying.
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