Disney Hits on SiriusXM

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One of the new radio channels on SiriusXM is the Disney Hits. This channel plays Disney songs in all eras. It is the perfect Disney escape. The music will be played at different times of the day.

There will be a new featured hour on the Disney Hits channel every Monday at noon. It will be the first hour to feature musical Disney-themed content. As for the rest of the programming, it will be a mix of classic Disney favorites and newer hits. Some of the shows will feature celebrity guests. During the launch, SiriusXM will even give listeners a free three-month subscription to the service.

The top ten most popular songs on the Disney Channel are a good place to start. In the past, the station has included music from Frozen and Mulan. But XM and SiriusXM have more to offer. You can also listen to other kids channels like Kidz Bop.

One of the new features on the SiriusXM Disney Hits is the Power Prize. It"s a six-times-a-day competition that offers prizes to callers. For example, if you can name the name of all the Disney-related songs played during the show, you will win a prize.

Disney Hits also has a couple of other noteworthy features. Among them are the Weekend Warm-Up show, which offers remixes of popular songs. Another is the Fearless Everyday program, which introduces topics such as social media and mental health.

The other big news is that the Disney Hits channel will be replacing the former Radio Disney. Previously, Radio Disney played all types of music. During nights, it had a lullaby program. On January 1, 2021, Radio Disney will no longer be active and will be replaced by the more automated Disney Hits. However, it will continue to air on channel 302.

Unlike Radio Disney, the Disney Hits on SiriusXM has no limits. The station will be available to anyone with an internet streaming package. Additionally, it will be available on smart devices as well. If you don"t have a smart device, you can download the SiriusXM app.

The best part is that there aren"t any hidden costs. XM is a commercial-free station. That means that there will be no pop-up ads and shorter commercials. Also, subscribers can negotiate the rate for the service.

Finally, the Disney Hits on SiriusXM is the perfect excuse to get a little Disney magic in your life. From a montage of all-time favorite Disney songs to musical Disney-themed hours, there"s no better way to enjoy the magic of the Walt Disney Company than on the SiriusXM Disney Hits. Listening will be free for the next three months to everyone with an Internet-streaming package. So get ready to listen to the most magical music of all time.

Whether you have an Internet-streaming package or not, you"re bound to have fun with Disney Hits on SiriusXM. It may be a little long for some people to listen to all of the songs, but it is a fun way to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of modern life.

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