Stop loss is also a good thing. Teach you how to treat stop loss in trading correctly!

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trading novices can reflect on themselves when traders forexrebatebest always trying to avoid r forex broker rebate programk, avoid stop loss, avoid loss, in fact, they are creating losses can think of it this way: first of all, we are autorebateforex destined to predict the future, so we can only control themselves from a psychological point of view, the more we care about what, the more subconsciously we will think forexbrokerrebateprogram the most important thing is to avoid losses this is very critical, because when only focus on whether the loss will be at the same time, you will naturally ignore a lot of things that should be considered, or rather, the result of your trading is to avoid losses. Because when only concerned about the loss at the same time, you will naturally ignore a lot of things that should be considered, or that the results of your trading is to assess the loss, the idea is too terrible Lets use the most simple logic to elaborate ah stop loss is what? What is the exit from the field? Does not meet their own trading conditions What is the trading conditions? It is your underst cashback forexing of the recognized conditions of holdable positions: direction, range, time or some other factors and what is the corresponding conditions of holdable positions? If the conditions are unique and clear, then there are too many conditions that cannot be held, so it is very normal to leave the market! Including profit leaving (take profit) is also to meet the conditions of the position, the latter thing is you have not planned, that is not to hold the conditions of the position so, my personal habit is, there is no stop loss, take profit concept, is to meet your strategy, then the implementation, after the implementation of the strategy is not out of the environment, then hold the position, which a link has changed, then reduce the position or leave the field may take the money away, there may not take the money Go, it does not matter that there may be a loss of money to go, controllable is the most important! The whole picture is most important!!! I play is the operation of the account, not every transaction of gambling transactions, or anti-humanity! I will not say anything else, you can go read a book called "counter-intuitive investment" (click to learn about the book), just say a little, if you follow human nature, the market has to be how much money to share ah, by the way, where does this money come from ah? I always express a point of view with customers: I must not know when I am right, and definitely do not know what will happen next, I do not even know when to make money, when to lose; but I must make sure I know my principles, my bottom line, my guidelines for doing things so that I can live and work, clear what they do not do, what more transactions, in fact, thats it! Can do, want to do things, focus on doing a good job (hold positions according to the strategy), do not understand, afraid of things, must stay away (stop loss, no conditions do not enter the field)! The last two sentences to the point: 1, the trading environment, can control, only themselves, so the trader should do the most, not to know the market and the market, but to know more about themselves! 2, this market, you are just an individual, you know how many of your opponents? Do you know how much money your opponent has? Tell you what, in the financial market, the individual is too small! Insignificant! Your opinion, your so-called method, just guessing! So, lose! Its so normal!!! So normal that its ridiculous! Thats the nature of trading! Trial and error! But, wrong, with standards! If you are the decision maker on this position, then just do your criteria and leave the market when it gets out of hand! Bow down to the truth, in fact, especially happy! Together! I remember when I first learned to trade, I was often looked down upon by my friends and students, because of the so-called "guts" many traders may have this factor, many of them will see you leave the market, showing off that they are still holding positions in the expanding capital; the words are mocking and vicious! Honestly, at that time especially want to swear, this market is very one-sided very impetuous, everyone only look at money! This must be the general nature, but also human nature, otherwise this market exists why? That time everyone is always comparing who makes more, who takes a good point, who has learned what new method, who has drawn a what kind of graph, found what good book ...... when they are not the center of the topic, really discouraged quotes hit face, people around more hit face is getting bigger and bigger, the wallet is getting deflated very ironic that can What to do? Independent thinking chant, more observation! The results found that who is most proud of the more not stop loss, why? Face! And self-confidence! The more confident you are, the closer you are to a big loss! There is a period of time are lazy technical analysis, observe them, and then and this kind of people to do the opposite on the good, they can not stand when they start complaining about grumbling, is when you should take profits to close; if they are more and more arrogant, then reduce the position or leave the field rest assured that they will be very arrogant that day, so the risk will not be very human ah! A little achievement will be pretending every day, but encounter things, cover your face dead! Now there is a song called "I will quietly watch you pretend", is my state at that time but soon there is not much pretend, how to do? Still have to learn the technology, can not be lazy ah Ps: hedging transactions, in fact, many investment companies are now using oh, play a lot of oh! So, now I am very grateful that I did not lose that time, weak is weak, blind mix it results, confident people are taught a lesson by the market, leaving all the timid last year in Shandong University lectures, some students asked me how to learn to trade, the pedestrian are how I remembered that many years ago most of those friends are not in this market, and even evaporated, a few of them also went in to stay. All of them are timid, know the mistake and admit it just as we began to say, stop loss, in the end useful? First ask yourself if you want to be a star or a birthday girl you see the animal kingdom live a long time, all not very fast, vegetarian, do not fight, love to hide, their own head is big, not afraid of what the head is not big, then it is good to hide (stop loss, love to leave the field) and then dialectical look at it, you want to make money in this market! And the result? Loss to death we do strategy, thinking about how to lose money, how to lose money properly, the results? Some profit, also count can live slowly account is getting bigger and bigger, the base is also big, but the more losses the more peace of mind, because the strategy is rich, profit and loss are average instead of a stable profit again, can make money I really do not know, I know is that in the process, I will definitely lose! So control the risk on the above, anti-human nature, I think you can understand some of it? Back to now again encounter dead wrong, every day blowing their own more powerful people (see too much too much, numb), despise you smile and say: "Go! Youre amazing!"
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