What You Need to Know About the SiriusXM Transfer Service

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Sirius XM offers an embedded device, which is known as SiriusXM Guardian, in their vehicles. This device is designed to assist users in the event of an emergency. It connects users to third-party emergency responders. However, the service requires users to have an active subscription. Those who have not activated their subscriptions may be denied access to the SiriusXM Guardian Services.

In order to use the SiriusXM Guardian Services, you must have a Uconnect system that has been authorized and complies with the applicable vehicle manufacturer"s instructions. You also need to have an active SiriusXM Radio Subscription or purchase a SiriusXM Guardian Services Plan. For those who are unsure of whether or not they have an active radio subscription, the Service Providers are not liable for any damages resulting from the failure of their equipment.

The Vehicle Data collected and used by the Service Providers is limited to information about your vehicle and location. However, your Vehicle Data may be disclosed in accordance with these Terms or the Privacy Policies, and may be used by the Service Providers in their sole discretion. When you install the SiriusXM Guardian, the device collects the Vehicle Data, and it communicates with the SiriusXM Guardian customer care center to verify emergency signals. Depending on the model of your vehicle, you may be able to access SiriusXM Guardian Services through your vehicle"s web interface or app. If you have not started the vehicle within 21 days, the Services will not be available.

In addition to the SiriusXM Guardian Services, you can also obtain Temporary Emergency Services. These are active for thirty days from the date you lease your vehicle. During this period, if you experience a loss of power to your vehicle, you can contact the local authorities.

Additionally, you can create ad-free stations that allow you to avoid hearing advertising. You can also listen to thousands of hours of on-demand content. Lastly, you can create a PIN and password to prevent anyone from accessing your account. Once you have an active subscription, you will automatically receive SiriusXM Guardian Services for the length of your Plan, which is billed at the rate of your subscription. Alternatively, you can also cancel your subscription and receive a pro rata refund for any future service you have received.

Before you activate your subscription to the SiriusXM Guardian Services, it is important that you understand the terms and conditions of the Agreement. These Terms, along with your Uconnect and Services Plans, supersede all prior agreements and apply to you. As such, if you have any questions about the Agreement, you should consult with your dealer or the Service Provider. Also, remember that these Terms do not guarantee a response time from a Service Provider. Depending on the laws in your state, you might need to confirm your emergency before an Emergency Services provider will arrive at your location.

You may be subject to additional terms, conditions, or restrictions as a result of your ownership or use of your vehicle. To determine those details, you will need to visit your dealer or the Service Provider"s website. If you are unsure about any of these terms, you should contact the SiriusXM Guardian customer care center.

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