Speculation is better than speculation in foreign exchange

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For many families, let the money to generate money forex broker rebate program very much a matter of brainstorming speculation is one of the investment options for many people but now, another growing army is emerging, which is speculation in forexbrokerrebateprogram forexrebatebest people Why do people choose to speculate in foreign exchange? In the survey, respondents believe that the currency autorebateforex than the stock market, trading is relatively fair, the market is relatively transparent, because almost no one cashback forex manipulate such a huge market for people with relatively small capital, equal opportunities and institutional investors And, the currency market is 24 hours, suitable for working people amateur speculation In the survey, we found that 65% of stockholders believe that the future can consider joining the currency market 30% of stockholders clearly said, will not join the foreign exchange market 1, most stockholders do not understand the foreign exchange market, and most people understand the stock market 2, in comparison, the stock market risky, set up more people, high yield foreign exchange market risk is small, the cost is small, set up less 3, the current constraints on people to join the foreign exchange market is the main factor, one is to obtain foreign exchange channels are not open, the second is too little information about the foreign exchange market 4, if the conditions are available, most investors are willing to try Enter the foreign exchange market At present, the international foreign exchange market daily turnover of more than 3.6 trillion U.S. dollars, it is a short history, but the development rate is exceptionally amazing, the scale has far exceeded the stocks, futures and other financial trading markets, becoming the worlds largest market Foreign exchange transactions, has a stock trading unparalleled: 1, low investment costs Foreign exchange margin trading is the credit provided by the bank or broker to investors to conduct foreign exchange transactions Banks or brokers can generally provide more than 90% of the credit, in other words, investors only need to hold about 10% of the funds (margin) can be foreign exchange transactions, for example, some brokers on the minimum margin requirement is 100 times, investors can be a minimum of $100 margin to carry out foreign exchange transactions up to $ 10,000, and some brokers require a lower margin, there are 200 There are also brokers that require even lower margins, 200 times or 400 times, which can be a great use of a small amount of money! In Chinas stock market, there is no such leverage function 2, can be operated in both directions The stock market also has a disadvantage is that in the bear market, investors can not act, can only be set in the economic boom when the vast majority of investors can profit, but economic development is alternate, when the development is replaced by recession, investors can only hold positions without moving and in the currency market, whether the economy is developing or recession, investors can profit This is the foreign exchange margin shorting mechanism, that is to say, in a currency exchange rate rise in the interval, you can buy to profit; in the way down, you can also sell to profit, without holding the currency first 3, low fees Stock trading fees are generally 2 & permil;, and now the foreign exchange margin is basically commission-free commission-free, and the spread is also very low, three, four points ranging etc. Margin mechanism for some people who have done futures is not unfamiliar with the domestic futures market is now the margin for the trading method foreign stocks are also taking this way of trading
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