Speculation in foreign exchange requires the correct choice of short term operation and long term operation

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speculation in foreign exchange according to the cashback forex can be roughly divided into four types of trading: ultra- forexbrokerrebateprogram forex broker rebate program trading, short term trading, medium and forexrebatebest term trading, long term trading usually ultra-short term refers to the operation of the day, short term autorebateforex the operation of the index day, medium and long term is the operation of weeks to months, the longer time period is the long term operation In order to facilitate analysis, the following will ultra-short term The short term, short term operations are collectively referred to as short term operations, medium and long term, long term operations are collectively referred to as long term operations The so-called short term operations are about following the trend, entering at a high point in the market, exiting at a higher point to do spreads forex investors should have sufficient time and good psychological tolerance, need to carefully analyze the technical indicators, a set of de-humanized trading style to make a judgment key is to establish a stop loss as well as a win point. Judgment error on the exit so as to avoid losses if the market is smooth, gradually raise the stop-win point so as to avoid both the risk and occasionally greater profits   and long-term operation is about big-picture thinking, low intervention, high exit does not require investors ample time as well as too much market analysis requires investors enough confidence and patience when the market is popular downturn, often the price is very low, everyone All think there is no opportunity, the market volume is small, at this time is the opportunity for long-term investors to enter the market, just patiently hold the foreign exchange parts when the market index high popularity boiling time, is the time for long-term investors to harvest Then how to choose short term operation or long term operation, I think to be good at analysis, depending on the person, depending on the market first consider personal factors, calm personality, patience, do not panic in case You can choose more long term operation like a cheetah waiting patiently for the time to catch prey, three years not open, open to eat three years character impatience, keen thinking, you can choose more short term operation hit a gun for a place, set less into more, can also get good trading results Foreign exchange investors to correctly analyze the factors of the market, up trend down trend more long term, consider the focus on the trend of commodity contracts, more analysis in the technical Large cycle of the K-line, wait patiently to find the best time as well as varieties; consolidation in more short term, consider the focus on the volatility of the trading varieties, technically more sub-small cycle of the K-line chart, the need for fast in and fast out, fully grasp the value of the use of funds   accurate grasp of price factors, summarize the price fluctuations in the range of large time weeks, combined with the entry level of funds, the price is low to do long term, do not see the rabbit does not scatter the hawk, but In case the situation reverses can also be slightly profitable exit; price high to do short term, earn money to the account is money, but also will not be high set prison so choose short term operation or long term operation or need to follow the human factors and market factors comprehensive judgment trade-offs
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