Speculation in foreign exchange novice should be how fast to get started

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for new friends, because the lack of sufficient underst cashback forex forexrebatebestg of the forex broker rebate program autorebateforex trading market, so new friends to get started in foreign exchange quickly, you must know the basic situation of the foreign exchange industry below we will see how to get started in foreign exchange trading quickly first should understand the basic concept of foreign exchange, th forexbrokerrebateprogram aspect is mainly the mastery of foreign exchange knowledge and then should participate in the simulation Operation, learn to use the foreign exchange operating platform, master the basic software buying and selling rules to learn to see the K-line chart, familiar with the basic operating indicators, and how to look at the market information! Second is to learn fundamental analysis, economic data basic analysis and technical analysis, how to see resistance and support to understand the foreign exchange market, how to look at some experts, institutions, banks, but do not follow the single operation in addition is to learn foreign exchange trading master operating methods familiar with the major investment theories, trading systems focus on reasonable control of their own funds, grasp their own mentality is finally to do a good job of long-term combat Ready to become a master in the foreign exchange market speculation, you must understand that the master is in the actual operation of the exercise out of the novice will have several psychological journey, which includes the following stages: the first stage: think they are suitable to do foreign exchange This is the idea of every novice in the foreign exchange market, at this time you may be full of all kinds of imagination to speculate in foreign exchange, think they can certainly be in The second stage: realize that you have not become a qualified trader this time you should probably have traded in the foreign exchange market a few times, but did not earn money, but rather a big loss this time you realize that they have not become a formal trader you realize that to make money in foreign exchange trading, they must pay more effort the third stage: you began to frantically Learn a variety of foreign exchange skills and trading ideas this period is your growth period, because during this time investors can better complete the qualitative leap may not pay attention to their own problems and various technical indicators or whatever, you will be very serious about learning and in the theoretical knowledge of learning at the same time, you also began to continuously carry out the psychological aspects of the hone the fourth stage: qualified foreign exchange investors, not only refers to the technical Operation of qualified, including psychological qualification in the foreign exchange market you can easily analyze when to enter the single, when to close out of their own capital management is also very in place, in short, this time you have become a complete master of speculation in foreign exchange
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