sophomore year began to do trading stock index high-frequency two months to earn 6 million

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forex life [two light] 2015 annual autorebateforex total results 2015 annual account cumulative return 453488.69%, the maximum retracement 22.37%, cumulative profit 7994079.42 yuan, the account ma forexbrokerrebateprogramly for stock index intraday short term trading, before September 2015, the account performance forexrebatebest very good, retracement is very small. After the stock index futures position limit in early September, the account manager gradually stopped trading the stock index 10 months of trading in 2015, of which 8 months profit, the largest single month profit reached 4104823 yuan Operator: cashback forex Shuo, male, 28 years old, Tieling, Liaoning, now lives in Xian dedicated to high-frequency trading of stock index, began to contact the stock in 2008, in 2010 began to do spot bulk agricultural products electronic trading. In October 2013 began to do stock index futures full-time "two light" this name is Li Shuos nickname, Li Shuo is originally doing spot bulk commodity agricultural products electronic trading, doing the basic are around the characteristics of agricultural products, trading mode forex broker rebate program futures similar: margin trading; two-way T + 0; low threshold, but the risk is smaller than futures but with the With his own development, Li Shuo felt that the commodity capital capacity is relatively small, while the commodity market is also going downhill, the development space has been very small, has not been able to achieve their own development aspirations, and then choose a more standardized, greater capacity of the futures market between commodity futures and stock index futures to choose a better liquidity, more suitable for their own short term trading practices of stock index futures 2008, Li Shuo sophomore year of college He started to contact the financial market because he chatted with friends and felt he was interested in stocks, so he started to learn knowledge and slowly do a little trading. Li Shuo choose to do futures is ultra-short-term intraday trading, this style is more stable for Li Shuo, small retracement, psychological pressure is also relatively small Li Shuo said: "no painful experience, there will be no real growth, always have a fear of the market" early Li Shuo because not much restraint in their emotions, they do is The subjective manual trading, single sometimes can not control the emotions, in the break-in period when the transaction will be very frequent, has been to earn loss loss, but because the loss is small, did not really hurt themselves, so know their own defects, and did not correct the last because the transaction is too frequent, resulting in a week of loss of three months of profit after a painful lesson, determined to correct this fault, after Li Shuo with solid basic skills and calm and collected mentality, so that the account tends to stabilize Li Shuo think want to succeed is to firmly persist in the right direction, continuous improvement, not so easy and not so difficult, the way of heaven reward hard work, no line is easy in trading, Li Shuo is to see a minute K line and then set the direction, the entry point based on disk sense, and observe the rhythm of the disk, if consistent with their expectations that will be decisive entry, Li Shuo Now the position is fixed 4 hands, trading will not have to add or subtract positions in the operation of risk control, Li Shuo think a transaction in the premise of a reasonable point of order, stop loss should be the faster the better, found wrong immediately out, and then look for opportunities at the same time will have an automatic stop loss of 10 points, to prevent extreme quotes appear two light 2014 12 - 2015 August trading results "two light "account profile [two light] account on December 16, 2014 in the seven Harvest network of the actual list registered and began trading, the account initial capital 507853.33 yuan, as of August 10, 2015, the account equity of 878062.93 yuan, during the period there are in and out of gold, the cumulative net profit of 7185075.10 yuan, the cumulative commission 3970889.90 yuan, the account trading cycle of 215 days, the account yield reached 230889.54%, the maximum retracement of 27.42%, a longitudinal account win 52.66%, profit and loss ratio of 1.30:1 "two light" cumulative net value curve chart from the accounts net value curve can be found in the account since From December 17, 2014 to mid-June 2015, the capital curve has been maintaining a low retracement and steady growth, and the net value has reached 4.97 in half a year. Li Shuo believes that after a period of continuous improvement of his trading methods, his psychological tolerance, and the two grinding to adapt to the rhythm of the market, the market fluctuations in recent months and very large, especially suitable for their ultra-short high-frequency trading (recently traded 500 times a day back and forth), thick and thin, before the emergence of the capital curve shown above Li Shuo believes that his single transaction lot there is still a lot of room for improvement, until the high-frequency also can not meet their own development needs, there will be another plan The investment structure of "two light" futures varieties - transaction preference chart "two light" each variety of investment profit and loss histogram from the above transaction preference chart found that [two light] account transaction preference for the Shanghai As mentioned above, Erguang believes that the stock index has good liquidity and volatility, which makes it more suitable for intraday short term high frequency trading. The daily position graph of "two light" daily position graph shows that, as with the common style of intraday ultra-short high-frequency trading, the positions of the account are almost always not overnight Li Shuos positions are now fixed at 4 lots, and there is no addition or deletion of positions in the transaction "two light "Monthly profit and loss chart from the monthly profit and loss chart found that the account a total of 9 months of statistics, of which 8 months profit, the first month has a small amount of loss chart can be seen in recent months profits accounted for the bulk of the profit Li Shuo said recently the number of daily transactions are in about 500 round trips, because it is manual trading, each trading day is more tired, also considered wanting to do investment advisers, but think they do not need so much money, and do not want to consider sending products of all kinds of concerns and constraints do not give themselves too much pressure to do well for themselves, until they do not need to think about money, they will retire to do charity, give back to the community
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