Short-term trading eight iron law

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First, the trend of investment: the general forexbrokerrebateprogram forex broker rebate program to decide whether to forexrebatebest the premise of the short term, the general market is autorebateforex good, you must adhere to the currency; the general market turned good, combined with the market hotspot is likely to achieve good returns so as long as the market jumped bottom open more than 2%, all the manipulation plan all cancel our gold line to ensure that the trend up, currently not on the gold line, continue to wait and see for good Second, the cycle of manipulation: the cycle of manipulation: in the down cycle, generally will form the lowest point on Wednesday, so the best buy cashback forex for Wednesday afternoon before the close or gossip box strong manipulation strategy. In the up and down cycle should take a different trading strategy, in the down cycle, generally will form the lowest point on Wednesday, so the best buy time for Wednesdays afternoon before the close of an hour or gossip box of strong support level buried single, choose the popular currency pair intervention will have good returns; in the up cycle, generally will be in Friday before and after the high fall, so the best buy time for Friday afternoon before the close An hour, the best time to sell for Tuesday morning sell high Third, choose the opportunity to buy: buy time is generally best for an hour before the close, choose the exchange rate to maintain the highest point of the day near the bottom of the foreign exchange intervention; within one hour after the opening is a good time to sell foreign exchange, within 15 minutes can not buy foreign exchange, but you can follow the gossip box under the strong support level buried single, generally after the high will fall back, test Support level Fourth, do not make money do not fill positions: do not do short term absolutely not because of the set and change to do long term, no matter what the reason you bought, any one foreign exchange, do not make money absolutely do not fill positions, at any time loss of more than 5%, 10% or less, 10-30 minutes before the close must be sold 50%!  Fifth, adhere to the stop-loss: regardless of institutional recommendations, or have very strong positive news, at any time the loss reaches 10%, must immediately stop loss, unconditionally sell all!  Sixth, control the position: short-term participation in the capital can not be too heavy, it is recommended to control the position of less than 20%, and hold no more than 3 foreign exchange Seventh, adhere to the stop-win: the general market trend up, our stop-win line is 30%; the general market is bad, our stop-win line is 15%. It is recommended that winnings reach 10% immediately sell half Eighth, cash is king: the bull is short and the bear is long, the bear market should try to hold the currency, do not buy currency pairs frequently, do not go to the bottom strictly control the position in the half position below, or even short position
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