Short-term speculative foreign exchange skills analysis

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  I summarized some short term speculative forexbrokerrebateprogrameign exchange skills analys autorebateforex for investors, I hope to help investors in the short term foreign exchange trading smooth profits as follows: 1: thin stop-loss stop-gain transactions due to the relatively violent fluctuations in the foreign exchange market, so the short term operation of the investor is difficult to control the best position to close the position, the opportunity is fleeting, so set a good Stop loss forex broker rebate program take profit, when the forexrebatebest instantly touches cashback forex easily profit from the perspective of probability, as long as we set the stop-loss position than the stop-loss position of the points high, then the probability of touching the stop-gain position is large, both to easily profit, but also to avoid larger losses for short term single investors is not a good method many people in the real operation is often only set stop-gain, not set stop-loss, then The end result is a loss may top hundreds of profits, so have to strictly comply with the stop-loss strategy 2: the use of support resistance position trading through the long-term for support resistance level of the study found that the vast majority of the time, when the trend touches the support position or resistance position will appear a slight rebound, as little as 10 points or so, more is a substantial reversal of the trend, so the use of this Technical indicators to do counter-market single, but also can easily profit, for each day the main currency support resistance position indicators can consult the online customer service request, will be provided free of charge of course, the use of such ways to do single still have some risk, so the stop-gain position set a little smaller, stop-loss is still necessary, because this is the opposite of our operation with the trend 3: the use of the golden mean is also Fibonacci retracement line That the retracement line, this analysis method is suitable for more than 4 hours of the trend chart, click on the MT4 platform Fibonacci retracement line button, and then the first point on a section of the trend of the highest point, another point on the lowest point, in this way, you can determine the future trend in what position will be a slight reversal, short term single investors can capture these opportunities, but also to achieve profits if for how to use The method of the golden mean, still can consult the online customer service staff 4: the use of K-line chart pattern analysis for short-term operations Although the trend of foreign exchange currency is ever-changing, but through the study of the K-line chart can be summarized and summarized some of the laws, such as if two consecutive large negative column up, or two consecutive large positive column down, then the third is likely to continue the previous trend, this The analysis method is applicable to 15 minutes and 1 hour within the trend chart 5: through the analysis and interpretation of the current international situation to determine the trend, and then seek short-term opportunities, of course, this requires investors to pay clear attention to the foreign exchange market information and international political and economic developments, so as to understand what news for which currency has what impact for example, some time ago the market news shows that the eurozone debt crisis increased, Italy and Spain bond yields continue to increase. Italy and Spain bond yields rising, international rating agencies have said they will study and downgrade the sovereign debt rating of the eurozone countries, in such an environment, we can of course short the euro in the right position, and then profit need to pay attention to the research news news, first to the professional foreign exchange information website observation, followed by a variety of news and news, and then judgment and analysis
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