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Some time ago forexrebatebest was fortunate to be able to communicate with a forex short term trad cashback forexg seniors in forex today I wrote out h forex broker rebate program story, I hope it can help you a little because there is no recording all based on memory, there may be some omissions, such as interested friends can contact me, I help you introduce my writing is elementary school level, I hope to underst autorebateforex the following use of dialogue The way the seniors like to live by the sea, so the waves instead I: When did you contact foreign exchange, why choose foreign exchange waves: 06 years, when I was a sophomore, university life for a person who does forexbrokerrebateprogram like to read is very boring, so I thought of finding something to do to pass the time and I grew up with a dream to buy a Ferrari and have a villa at the beach, (I can only blame the childhood bull The reason why I chose foreign exchange and not the more popular stock, first of all, because foreign exchange can be traded 24 hours a day, there is leverage, can be short, I like to do short and then think that foreign exchange than the stock more forced me: so many years you have been full-time in doing foreign exchange sea wave: no, to do foreign exchange full-time success, you have to have a good family, the country for foreign exchange early not only you have to invest time, more importantly, you have to constantly invest money because foreign exchange is difficult to make money in a short period of time, but will continue to lose money, I was to 7 years to do break-even, the ninth year to start a stable profit every month, it may be that I I am relatively dumb and after graduating from college to face a variety of problems, food and housing, marriage, children, all these need money, so I started from the reality of the situation to find a stable job to maintain a normal life open capital to use the evening time to watch and learn, sometimes there is time in the afternoon will also look at the next of course now basically in a full-time state, because there is a stable profit to the wife also has a account I: you just started to learn foreign exchange will I: When you first started to learn foreign exchange will be shopping forums, or read books every day Sea wave: some then each foreign exchange forum, as well as foreign exchange group have been to find something useful inside, but the real foreign exchange god is very difficult to encounter, the forum content also depends on their own to experience, there are good and bad and then rarely go to the back are basically some newcomers or some bragging people, it is difficult to encounter good articles I: talk about the specific, how do you operate How do you operate the sea wave: can, I am mainly technical trading, only spend a few minutes every day to look at the financial calendar, avoiding major financial events I do not like to do similar non-farm payrolls, Draghi, Yellen speech, because I have no insider information this kind of market may let you turn may also let the position burst, I have always had bad luck, so do not do the following I talk about the three elements of forex trading: body, technology, mindset First Say body, why I put the body in the first place, because the body is a prerequisite for you to be able to trade for a long time, no good body then good technology and mentality are not played out I mainly do, Europe and the United States, U.S. and Switzerland, the United States and Canada, Australia and the United States, in addition to Australia and the United States, most of the other three plates in the morning is not a big trend I generally start watching the plate from 2 pm until 12 pm, this long time watching the plate on the body physical Consumption is great, no good spirit will affect your judgment so I will basically spend an hour in the morning to do exercise, and an hour break at noon to keep the spirit. And in the 10 hours of trading you have to reasonably allocate your physical strength, because your spirit is difficult to maintain a high degree of concentration for 10 hours, for example, when the market oscillation you can choose to read a book, listen to a song or other things to distract, when the key line and then focus on watching the market in short, a point must be in the entry to maintain a high degree of mental concentration sometimes the opportunity to appear early, such as the next 5:00 p.m. on Already finished trading, you can choose not to look at the plate at night, so you can save your energy, after all, there are five trading days a week, the weekend in addition to the summary of the next do not look at the plate weekend can stay with their families, do things they like Technology: technology can tell you not much, because I think technology is a very personal, not a common technology millions of kinds, as long as you can maintain a stable profit technology can be The key is how you want to find the right technology for you, take me as an example I tried long term, medium term, short term results found that I am not suitable for long term, medium term, because holding the plate overnight I will not sleep well, I am a little nerve quality, holding the plate overnight I always wake up in the middle of the night to see the plate, which has seriously affected my life, and I can not enjoy the thrill of trading, I like to see the end of the transaction every day to bring me that kind of I like to see the end of the trade every day to bring me that kind of excitement, so I later stopped doing long term, medium term, specializing in short term Short term and long term in addition to this aspect of the personality factor, there is a personality factor is to see if you do things decisively, short term trading opportunities sometimes only in a moment, you need to make a judgment in a very short time, there may be a few seconds if you can not make a judgment in a short time that you certainly can not do short term and medium and long term can mostly let you think If you dont know what technical indicators you like to use or dont know what you are good at using, then you should try according to the books or the way of your predecessors, of course, the real profitable model is not told to you, because it is the fruit of others labor for many years, and it is impossible to teach you how to try. Choose a technical indicator, it is best to choose one indicator at a time, because many indicators are contrary to each other, and then look at the previous years disk, each disk can be tried, because the characteristics of each is different, a technical indicator is not applicable to each disk, and then statistics on how much the win rate, if there is profit, you can choose to try several indicators technology to find the most suitable for their own, the most profitable model Forex to have The only way to win is to win more than you lose and to win more than you lose can start from two aspects, the first to improve the win rate In fact, choose a good technical indicator is able to maintain a win rate of more than 80%, to my model, for example, my trading method is to have about 20 points of profit each time I will close the position, unless the market has been going, which is the highest probability of profit I have counted the way my stop loss is set at about 10 points each time Because my technical model more than 10 points of loss the market has reversed I use a heavy position at a time to do only one plate, so that the energy will be more focused This method can maintain a monthly profit of about 40% Of course, foreign exchange is also a dependence on the industry, there are good times, there are times when the market is poor The second method: win stop loss ratio For example, your win rate of about 50%, it is reasonable to say that this is no money to earn The second method: win-loss ratio, for example, your win rate of about 50%, it is reasonable to say that there is no money to be made, and even a loss of fees, but you stop loss set 20 points, profit set 30 points, so you can still profit The following talk about mentality, mentality my understanding is greed, fear and patience First of all, my personal understanding of greed and fear greed and fear is an indispensable part of the transaction, one cannot be missing only greed you will think to profit, only fear will not let you blow up the key is to let greed and fear I personally think that greed and fear is because no stable trading model has been established, with a stable trading model, the face of greed and fear will be much better so must establish their own trading model, no technical basis to talk about mentality is empty talk and we want to prevent greed is excessive requirements for profits, for example, your trading model is the maximum probability of profit per 30 For example, the maximum probability of your trading model is about 30 points per profit, but you go to the requirement of 50 points, that is greed greed is the result of the maximum probability of your profit will be back off or even a loss may be a few times you close your position in your profit point, the market will continue to go, but in the long run, is certainly correct, because this is the maximum probability of your statistics sometimes out you do not regret, people do not have the hindsight, can not see the situation behind Fear is perhaps more difficult to control than greed More difficult to control, in the loss of fear in the profit will also have fear, such as you enter at a point to do short, you enter the market on the rise, you will start to fear, fear will lose more and then immediately stop loss out of the field, in fact, the loss did not reach your stop loss point, and then not long after the market began to fall, you began to regret why you do not believe in your own trading model of the market is not your control, not you enter the market on the start of the market is not your control. Not as soon as you enter the market will begin to go in the direction you want more when he may be adjusted again Profits will also have fear, such as you enter the short, there are 10 points of profit, and then the next began a line up, you may begin to have fear of the heart, the market will not reverse, the result is a rush out, could have earned 30 points of the market due to your fear, only earned 3 points in fact, the most fundamental reason for fear is the lack of confidence in yourself. The most fundamental reason is the lack of confidence in their own patience is also very important, the market is really suitable for their own opportunity is very little, so have enough patience to wait for the opportunity to appear, do foreign exchange short term is a very hard thing, I experienced a week of guarding no opportunity that feeling is very bad to do foreign exchange short term to train themselves into a sniper mentality, do not mess with the shot, mess with the shot may make you But once the opportunity arises, we must be decisive or the opportunity may be missed I: Having said that, what advice do you have for newcomers Sea Wave: First of all, I do not recommend individuals to engage in foreign exchange investment, because foreign exchange in not profitable before the energy and money invested and earnings are not proportional, it is not like doing business or work to pay may immediately have a return and foreign exchange without a long time to learn and live trading Trading is very difficult to succeed, of course, if you are a genius is another story and the fact is that genius is rare, and most of us come from ordinary families, there is no a good father to give you money to invest in foreign exchange to let you operate I: that I if I want to earn a little money in foreign exchange above there is no such possibility Sea wave: there is also this possibility, that is to find a reliable financial company or a reliable foreign exchange trader The company and the trader are now very difficult to find, and now there are fraudulent companies everywhere I: How to distinguish between fraudulent companies Sea wave: First of all, those who claim that the monthly profit of thousands, or a monthly profit of several hundred percent, this is certainly a fraud in fact, the monthly profit of 20% is very good, think about Those professional fund companies annual profits of up to 30% are top of course they are large funds, individuals are small funds, small capital winnings will be higher and domestic companies and individuals so high profits you go to think about why he wants to help you operate, earn that monthly fee, I once looked at a website they posted earnings monthly profit of 1600 points know what concept 1600 points The second point is that the kind of single shouting is certainly a fraud, any person good at technology is limited, there are very few all-rounders what technology know, and foreign exchange so many plates, each plate has its own characteristics, so a person can not eat everything. If you think about it, if Warren Buffett to do foreign exchange, he may not be able to make money in the foreign exchange market can not always have the opportunity, the real opportunity is very little The third to go to their company to open an account, that must be a fraud, basically you go in the money is going to have no return, they are by earning your principal account must go to the regular point of the company, even if it is a bit of trouble, although the end result is also a burst position But at least also die clear, not be pitted to death of foreign exchange short term trading related reading: a foreign exchange short term expert life experience summary, foreign exchange short term trading must see a, foreign exchange short term trading essential knowledge (a) how to do 1, learn to see 5 minutes of the plate, beginners must slowly accumulate experience so that you can develop your patience also refer to see 15 minutes and 1 minute of the plate 2, do not rush to trade wealth not into Urgent door to practice the basic skills, practice good technology, after a simulation rehearsal rehearsal, increase the success rate...
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