Top Ten Forex Pairs to Trade in 2018

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The EURGBP is one of the lesser-known but highly interesting Forex currency pairs to trade in 2018. This pair has a historic connection with Europe and makes up about 2% of all global Forex transactions. If you re looking for a more favourable trading pair, watch out for announcements from the BoE and ECB. BREXIT uncertainty is also raising volatility in the EURGBP, which could impact your risk management strategy.

The USD/GBP is a highly volatile pair and accounts for 12% of all foreign exchange trading volumes. Because of its volatility, the GBP/USD is best suited for professional traders with aggressive short-term strategies. While high profits are likely, the risks are high. However, this currency pair is trading high on a weakening dollar in 2018.

The majors are the most popular currency pairs to trade. These currency pairs are comprised of the most influential and stable countries. Major currency pairs include the US dollar, Japanese yen, Swiss franc, British pound, Australian dollar, and Canadian dollar. These currencies have the highest volume of daily trading and tend to be the most profitable for traders. If you re new to forex trading, try these pairs. They ll give you a head start in this competitive field.

The best forex trading strategies involve a good understanding of both currencies. Pay attention to economic and political news so you can anticipate when the value of one currency will rise or fall. Eventually, these changes will balance out. Try trading day-to-day and try to take advantage of current events. In this way, you ll have a head start on achieving profits. Once you re confident, you can experiment with different currency pairs.

Before deciding to trade on a currency pair, always check its chart. It should be trending strongly in one direction. To start trading, it is best to research the currency pair in detail. You can also use an infographic to determine which currency pairs are most liquid and have good daily movement. There are many other viable currency pairs that are worth trading. But you can make the right decision only if you know how to use technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

The United States Dollar vs. the Euro is one of the most popular currency pairs. This currency pair has the lowest spread among most Forex Brokers, which is a plus for beginners. The Euro is a little more volatile, but it is still a good option. The Euro and Canadian Dollar are both relatively stable, but it is wise to develop a sound risk management strategy before trading on the Euro and other currencies.

In order to compile this list, TU analysts surveyed 2,500 successful traders, who are clients of broker companies ranked in the TOP TEN of TU. These traders have proven to be profitable for at least a year. The survey was conducted through the CAWI method and has a non-sampling error of 2%. The majority of respondents consider availability of analytical materials and news as an important factor when choosing which currency pairs to trade. You can download the full research to get a more comprehensive understanding of which currency pairs are best for you.

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