How to Set Up XM Radio For Your Car

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Sirius XM Radios are an affordable way to add a satellite radio to your car. These kits can provide you with music, sports, news, and more. They are available in pre-owned cars as well as new vehicles. In order to use SiriusXM, you will need to set up an account with Sirius. The best place to do this is online. After you create an account, you will need to download the SiriusXM app. To do this, you will need your ESN (Electronic Subscriber Number) or RadioID. You can find out your ESN/RadioID at the Sirius website.

Once you have your ESN/RadioID, you will need to choose a subscription package. Sirius offers three different subscriptions. The cheapest is called Sirius All Access, and it offers a variety of channels including music, sports, news, and other content. There is also a subscription called Sports Extra, which features even more sports coverage.

You will need a power source for your SiriusXM radio. Some SiriusXM car kits include a cigarette lighter adapter. This will connect the radio to the vehicle power system. Others require that you have a dedicated cigarette lighter port.

If you own a factory-installed car stereo, you may already have an auxiliary input connection, which is known as an AUX In. For some vehicles, this input will automatically switch to the cassette player when the vehicle"s stereo is turned on. However, you will need to set the AUX In to the appropriate channel.

Your SiriusXM kit will come with instructions for installation. Many of them will include a cigarette lighter plug and a dash mount. Other kits require you to program the radio to use the FM transmitter. Make sure to follow the instructions.

First, you must ensure that the FM transmitter is off. Next, you will need to tune your vehicle"s FM radio to the same channel as your SiriusXM radio. Using the manual tuner, you will want to start your tune at 88.1 and then adjust it until you can hear the new frequency. Repeat this process until you can hear your desired channel.

After you have tuned your XM radio to the correct FM channel, you will need to set up your audio connection. Each satellite radio has its own ESN/RadioID. The easiest way to do this is online. Follow the instructions on the user"s guide.

Once you have set up your SiriusXM Radio, you will have access to over 140 channels of radio. Some of them are NFL(r), MLB(r), and Howard Stern. It will also allow you to listen to live satellite radio in your car.

Another option is to install a satellite receiver on your home stereo. You can find a list of options at the Sirius website. Alternatively, you can buy an Aux In Adapter to hook up your SiriusXM radio to your home stereo. When you have your XM Radio installed, you can stream the audio through your home stereo or play it directly through the FM antenna in your vehicle.

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