Investors can not stop loss in time misconceptions

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Investors understand that buy a stock to stop loss, that forexrebatebest, after buy forexbrokerrebateprogramg the stock cashback forex fell deep to a certain extent (generally investors will be placed in the fall of 10% to 15% or so) to sell, sell the purpose is to avoid the possibility of greater losses later but why the actual operation of investors often can not do in time to stop loss? There are many misconceptions, the following are more common One of the misconceptions: investors in the stock down, there is a saying that no matter where it falls, as long as you do not cut the meat is not lost money This idea is wrong because the securities market currently held by investors in the stock, most of the dividends are not much, very few can rely on cash dividends can bring more than the return of the one-year interest on bank deposits, investors are still mainly dependent on If the stock price has fallen, the loss on the books of investors, only to look forward to the future time stock prices back up in order to allow investors to do not lose big bull market may also be lucky to rise back, but if the overall market is not very good, often the stock price is a fall again, it is difficult to turn back up Misconception No. 2: Some investors buy with a Strong speculative purposes, is to see the stock trend is good, or heard the relevant good news rumors to buy, was to do short-term speculation, but the opposite of the stock price down after the trend, reached the price of the stop loss should be sold, investors often begin to convince themselves to continue to hold investors should remember that they buy, often carried out a more careful and cautious analysis, make the decision is often This analysis process reduces the possibility of making mistakes, but once a passive decision is made to change short-term speculation into long-term investment, the possibility of making mistakes is relatively much greater. So, the conclusion drawn from the analysis process, let yourself buy the stock, the stock price has fallen, which is the market share price trend confirms that the analysis of buying has been wrong if this time then make a long-term Passive stock investment decision, will lead to a greater possibility of error in this analysis process, but also more likely to lead to investment failure and investment losses misconceptions: many ordinary investors also superstitious institutional investors, in the stock price decline, especially when the volume did not enlarge, it is believed that institutional investors did not escape, they do not have to be afraid, hoping that in the future the institutions inside can still let the The institutional investors we are talking about here are mostly those who are fetishized by the retail investors as the bankers who can win every battle. However, although institutional investors have the advantage of capital and information, they often make all kinds of mistakes, and there are many cases where they are trapped. Investors have the advantage of a small boat to turn around, you can immediately stop the operation to sell hold stocks, so ordinary investors should not give up their advantage In addition, institutional investors have various countermeasures for the decline in stock prices For example, institutions can sell a portion of the stock in hand at the beginning of the price decline, to a relatively low level and then buy back, after the stock price pushed up and then sell part of the operation, so many times
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