I recommend a book that all forex traders should read the Tao Te Ching

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autorebateforex funny, th forex broker rebate program is the only book I have not yet seen through the so-called see through, is to find the boundaries of the application of forexbrokerrebateprogram theory every time I thought it was wrong, years later I know that I was wrong is like learning to program, always think that the computer is wrong, forexrebatebest finally invariably found that the wrong is their own You say this is not a book about trading, youre right but trading and Being a human being is completely the same thing for example, trading in 7 losses, 2 draws and 1 win, real life is not the same? Lao Tzu said so: born into the death of the life of the apprentice, ten of three, the death of the apprentice, ten of three of the birth of life, moving all of the death of the land, but also ten of the three husband why? Because of the thickness of its life, I heard that those who are good at taking life, land travel does not encounter the bull and tiger, into the army is not armored soldier bull has no place to throw its horns, tiger has no place to rub its master claws, soldier has no place to accommodate its blade. To its deathless translation: to do the deal is to be born into death, earn three, lose three, to die and three to die is for what? He is too concerned about making heard in the deal to survive, are making money on the hold, lose money rush to run what reason? Because people do not die ah! For example: the common people are notorious, I alone faint common people Chacha, I alone bored tantalizing its if the sea, if there is no stop people have to, and I alone stubborn and despicable I alone different from the people, and expensive food mother translation: the market everyones eyes like a torch, I am a blank market everyones minute must fight, I am difficult to confuse the sky is so big, the sea is so blue people have a high level of theory, and I am a dirt bag I am not the same as others, I am To make money, not to brag! In short, the world of learning, the Avenue is always the same or even the same Tao cashback forex Ching, I estimate that I still have to read another ten years, thinking about ten years attached: "Tao Te Ching" "Laozi Tao Te Ching" full text Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": Chapter 1 Tao can be the way, very Tao name can be the name, very name no name the beginning of heaven and earth; name the mother of all things so often no, want to view its subtlety; often there, want to view its mere luck these two, the same out and different names, the same The two are called the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of the mystery, the door of all the wonders Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": Chapter 2 of the world all know beauty as beauty, the evil has all know the good as good, the bad has no phase of birth, easy to become, the length of the shape, the height of the surplus, the sound of the sound and, before and after the constant is also to sage in the matter of inaction, do not say the teaching; all things made and not start, born and not have, for and not bully, success and not live in the only F dwelling, is not to The third chapter of Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": not to be virtuous, so that the people do not fight not expensive rare goods, so that the people do not steal; do not see can desire, so that the peoples heart is not chaos is to rule the sage, the heart is empty, the belly is solid, weak its will, strong its bones often so that the people do not know no desire so that the wise do not dare to do for also for nothing, then there is no ungovernable Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": the fourth chapter of the Tao rushing, and the use of the or not Ying Yuan Ruoxi, like the clan of all things The sage is not benevolent, with the people as ruminants between heaven and earth, it is as if the bellows are empty and unyielding, moving and more and more out of the many words poor, it is better to keep in Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": Chapter 6, the god of the valley does not die, is called xuan mare xuan mare of the door, is called the root of heaven and earth continuous if existing, with The sage is the one who is not self-generated, so he can be long-lived. The sage is the one who is first after his body; the sage is not the one who is selfless, so he can be selfish. The first chapter of the Tao Te Ching: Chapter 9: Holding and surplus, it is not as good as it has been; speculation and sharp, not long to protect the gold and jade full of hall, no one can keep; rich and arrogant, from the blame of their own success to retreat, the way of heaven also Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": Chapter 10: carrying the camping spirit to hold a, can not be away from the special gas to the soft, can be like an infant is to clean up the mysterious, can be like a baby, can The first chapter of the Tao Te Ching: Chapter 11: Thirty spokes, a total of one hub, when it is not, there is a car with the theater for the ware, when it is not, there is a tool used to chisel the house for the room, when it is not, there is a room for the use of so there is for the benefit, not for the use of Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": Chapter 12: Five colors make people blind; five sounds make people deaf. The five colors make the eyes blind; the five sounds make the ears deaf; the five tastes make the mouth refreshing; the galloping and hunting make the heart crazy; the rare goods make the people walk hindered by the sage for the belly not for the eyes, so go away from him and take this Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": Chapter 13: Favour and shame if the shock, the noble big trouble if the body What is the favour and shame if the shock Favour for the next, get if the shock, lose if the shock, is called favour and shame if the shock What is the noble big trouble if the body I so have a big patient, for I have a body, and I have no body, I have no body, I have what? I have no body, and I have no body, I have what sufferings Therefore, your body for the world, if you can send the world; love to the body for the world, if you can trust the world Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": Chapter 14 sight of the invisible, the name is said; hear the unheard, the name is said; fight the not, the name is micro These three can not be questioned, so mixed and for one its upper not sparkling, its lower not obscure rope rope Ruoxi can not be named, and return to nothing is no shape of the shape, no thing of the image, is called trance The first is the first, and the second is the second. The first is the first, and the second is the second. It is as if the sea; winding as if there is no stop who can be cloudy to quiet Xu Qing who can be safe to move Xu Sheng to protect this road, do not want to surplus only not surplus, so can be hidden and new into Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": Chapter 16 to the extreme of emptiness, to keep quiet and sure all things and make, I to view the things to return to their roots to return to the roots of the quiet said to resume life to resume life said often, know often said Ming do not know often, delusion made fierce to know often tolerance, tolerance is public, public is full, full is heaven, heaven is the Tao, the Tao is long. The day is the road, the road is long, no body is not dangerous Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": chapter 17 too, do not know there is; second, pro and good reputation; second, fear; second, insult of the letter is not enough, there is disbelief yuoxi its noble words success, the people are said: "I natural" Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": chapter 18 the great road waste, there is benevolence; wisdom out, there is great falsehood; six relatives do not get along, there is filial piety The state is in turmoil, there are loyal officials Laozi: "Tao Te Ching":Chapter 19: The absolute sage abandoned wisdom, the people benefit a hundred times; the absolute benevolence abandoned righteousness, the people restore filial piety; the absolute ingenuity abandoned profit, thieves have no these three for the text insufficient, so the order has belonged see the vegetation hold simple, less thinking and less desire, absolute learning without worry Laozi: "Tao Te Ching":Chapter 20: Only the and a, the difference between the geometry of good and evil, the difference between what people fear. The people of the world are all in the same place, but I am not afraid of the wilderness, and it is not yet central. Tao Te Ching":Chapter 21: The appearance of Kong De, but the Tao is from the Tao of things, but indistinct but trance, in which there is an image; indistinct and trance, in which there are things fair and dark, in which there is the essence; its essence is very true, in which there is a letter since the present and the ancient, its name does not go, to read the many Fu I how to know the shape of the many Fu this Laozi: "Tao Te Ching":Chapter 22: the curve is full, in vain is straight, puddle is full, shabby is new, less is gain The sage holds one for the world style not to see, so clear; not to be, so manifest; not to cut, so there is merit; not to be reserved, so the long man only not to compete, so the world can not compete with the ancient so-called "the whole", is not a false statement sincere all and return to the Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": Chapter 23, the natural words so the wind is not the end of the morning, the rain is not the end of the day who for this reason the heaven and earth and heaven and earth can not last long, let alone in the human being is therefore The one who is engaged in the Way is the same as the Way; the one who is virtuous is the same as virtue; the one who is lost is the same as loss; the one who is in the Way is also happy to get it; the one who is in the virtue is also happy to get it; the one who is in the loss is also happy to get it; the one who is in the loss is also happy to get it. The evil, so there is the Tao is not in the Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": Chapter 25 there are things mixed into, before the heaven and earth was born silent and few, independent and not change, perimeter and not dangerous, can be the mother of heaven and earth I do not know its name, strong word for the name of the said Tao, strong for the name of the said greatly said passed, passed said far, far said the reverse so the Tao is big, the sky is big, the earth is big, people are also big domain in the four major, and people live in one of them where people law earth, earth law heaven, heaven law Tao, Tao law The sage is always good at saving the life of the world, and the sage is always good at saving the life of the world. The sage is always good at saving people, so there is no abandonment of people; always good at saving things, so there is no abandonment of things is said to attack the Ming so good people, not good people of the teacher; not good people, good people of the capital not expensive its teacher, not love its capital, although the wisdom of the great lost, is said to be wonderful  Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": Chapter 28 know its male, keep its female, for the world stream for the world stream, constant virtue does not leave, and return to the baby know its white, keep its black, for the world style for the world style The constant virtue does not leave, return to the Wuji know its glory, keep its humiliation, for the world valley for the world valley, the constant virtue is enough to return to the plain, the plain scattered then for the instrument sage with it, it is the official long, so the great system does not cut Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": Chapter 29 will want to take the world and for it, I see that it is not allowed to have the worlds divine weapon, not for it, not to be held also for the defeat of the one who is held, the one who is lost is the sage is not for, so there is no defeat; not held, so there is no loss So there is no loss of things or line or follow; or boo or blow; or strong or won; or frustrated or sensual is to sage to very, to extravagant, to Tai Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": Chapter 30 to the Tao to help the master of the world, not to the army strong world its thing good far division of the place, thorns and thorns are born in the big army after, there will be a bad year good have fruit only, not to take strong fruit and do not reserve, fruit and do not cut, fruit and do not pride fruit and can not be, fruit and do not strong things strong is old, is the The said not the way, not the way long ago Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": Chapter 31 Fu soldier, inauspicious weapon, things or evil, so there is the way not in the gentleman residence is expensive left, with the army is expensive right soldier inauspicious weapon, not a gentlemans weapon, have no choice but to use it, tranquil for the upper victory and not beautiful, and the beauty of the person, is happy to kill Fu happy to kill the person, it is not to get the will in the world carry on auspicious things still left, bad things still right biased general on the left, on General on the right, said to mourning rites at the killing of the crowd, to sorrow and weeping, victory over the mourning rites at the Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": Chapter 32 The road is often nameless Although small, the world can not be minister Hou Wang if you can keep it, all things will be from the Bing heaven and earth together, to drop manna, the people Mos order and since the beginning of the system is famous, the name is also both, the husband will also know to stop, know stop can not be dangerous analogy of the road in the world, as if the river and valley The Tao of the river and the sea Laozi: "Tao Te Ching":Chapter 33: The wisdom of those who know others, self-knowledge of those who win are powerful, self-satisfied are strong, those who know enough are rich, those who have the will not to lose their will for a long time to die and not die are long-lived Laozi: "Tao Te Ching":Chapter 34: The Great Way Panoxi, which can be around all things rely on it to be born and do not resign, success and not have clothes to feed all things but not the main often no desire can be named in the small; all things return to it and not the main, can be named great to its name to its birth and not the main The main thing is that the world is not a big place, so it can become a big place Laozi: Tao Te Ching: Chapter 35, the world often and not harm, peace and happiness and bait, the passers-by stop the exit of the road, light on its tasteless, not enough to see, not enough to hear, not enough to use both Laozi: Tao Te Ching: Chapter 36, will want to she, will be the reason Zhang; will want to weak, will be the reason strong The king of the country, if he can keep it, all things will transform themselves and want to make, and I will be able to town the simple of the nameless the simple of the nameless, the husband will also not want to not want to be quiet, the world will determine itself  The first thing that I will do is to make sure that I have a good understanding of the way of the world. The beginning of the foolishness is that the great man is in its thick, not in its thin; in its truth, not in its Hua so go to the other to take this Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": Chapter 39 The old one: the sky to get one to clear; the earth to get one to tranquilize; the gods to get one to spirit; the valley to get one to be born; the king of the kingdom to get one to think of the world chaste its to it, said the sky is not to clear, will be afraid to crack; the earth is not to tranquilize, will be afraid to waste; the gods are not to spirit, will be afraid to rest; the valley is not to surplus, will be afraid to exhaust The king of the kingdom has no chastity, will be afraid of prostration Therefore, the noble is based on the low, the high is based on the low, the king of the kingdom calls himself lonely, widowed, not valley this is not to low as the base of the evil is not the reason to honor no reputation is not want to jade like jade, celluloid like stone Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": Chapter 40 The opposite is the movement of the Tao; the weak is the use of the Tao Everything in the world is born in there, there is born in nothing Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": Chapter 41: The superior man hears of the Way and acts diligently; the middle man hears of the Way, if it exists, if it dies; the inferior man hears of the Way, laughing at it; not laughing is not enough to be the Way; therefore, the advice is: the clear Way is ignorant; the advanced Way is retreating; the modest Way is modest; the superior virtue is valley; the extensive virtue is insufficient; the constructive virtue is stealing; the quality is true if it is Yu; the great white is humiliating; the great generosity is not cornered; the great weapon is late; the great sound is loud; the great elephant is invisible; the Way is hidden and nameless; the only Way is the Way, the good loan and becomes Laozi: "Tao Te Ching Tao Te Ching: Chapter 42: Tao gives birth to one, one gives birth to two, two gives birth to three, three gives birth to all things everything is negative yin and hold yang, the impulse thought and peoples evil, only loneliness, widowhood, not valley, and the king thought to say that therefore things or loss of the benefit, or benefit and loss of peoples teaching, I also teach the strong beams of those who can not be their death, I will think of teaching father Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": Chapter 43: the worlds most soft, galloping the worlds most firm there is no entry I know that the benefit of doing nothing is not taught in words, the benefit of doing nothing, the world and the Laozi: "Tao Te Ching":Chapter 44: Name and body which pro body and goods which more gain and loss which disease very love will be a great expense; more hidden will be a thick death so know that the foot is not humiliated, know that the stop is not dangerous, can be long Laozi: "Tao Te Ching":Chapter 45: Great into if the lack, its use is not bad big surplus if the punch, its use is not poor big straight if bent The world has a way, but walking horses to dung world has no way, the military horse born in the suburbs disaster is greater than not knowing enough; the blame is greater than the desire to get so know the foot of the foot, always enough  Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": Chapter 47 do not go out of the house, know the world; do not peer into the window, see the way of heaven its out of the far, its knowledge of the less The sage does not know, does not see, does not become Laozi: "Tao Te Ching":Chapter 48: For learning increasingly, for the road day loss of loss, so that nothing to do nothing and nothing to take the world often to nothing, and its something, not enough to take the world Laozi: "Tao Te Ching":Chapter 49: The sage often no heart, the peoples heart for the heart of the good, I am good; not good, I am also good; virtue good letter, I believe in the letter; I believe in the letter. The bull has no horns to throw, the tiger has no claws to use, and the soldier has no edge to hold. The world has a beginning, thought that the worlds mother has got its mother, to know its son, and again to keep its mother, no body is not critical plug its tui, closed its door, lifelong not diligent open its tui, to help its affairs, lifelong not to save see small said Ming, keep soft said strong with its light, and return to its Ming, no body left behind calamity; is the attack on the normal Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": Chapter 53, so that I have the knowledge to walk in the Way, only to give is the fear of the Way is very barren, but the people good path dynasty is very clear, the field is very barren, the warehouse is very empty; dress literary, with a sharp sword, aversion to food and drink, wealth and goods have a surplus; is the theft of boast non-Dao is also Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": Chapter 54, the good builder does not pluck, good hold does not take off, the descendants to sacrifice never stop repairing the body, its virtue is true; repairing the family, its virtue is surplus; repairing the township The virtue of the body is true; the virtue of the family is surplus; the virtue of the township is long; the virtue of the state is abundant; the virtue of the world is universal. The end of the day number and not ah, and the sum of the most also know and said "constant", know constant said "Ming" benefit life said Xiang heart make gas said strong things strong is old, said not Tao, not Tao long ago Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": Chapter 56 know not to say, say not to thwart its sharp, solve its strife and its light, with its dust, is called "Xuan Tong" so can not get and pro, can not get and distant; can not get and profit, can not get and harm; can not get and expensive, can not get and cheap so as to be the worlds precious &  The world is not to be obtained, but to be expensive; not to be obtained, but to be cheap; not to be obtained, but to be valuable to the world Laozi: Tao Te Ching: Chapter 57 To rule the country with righteousness, to use the army with wonder, to take the world with nothing I know how it is: the world is full of taboos, and the people are poor; people are full of sharp tools, the country is faint; people are full of tricks, and strange things are rising; the law is manifest, and there are many thieves. I have no desire, and the people are simple"  Laozi: Tao Te Ching: Chapter 58: Its government is boring, and its people are simple; its government Cha Cha, and its people are lacking misfortune and blessing, and blessing and misfortune are ambushed who knows that it is extremely no positive also positive again for strange, good again for the demons confusion, and its day is solid for a long time so that the sage is square and not cut, honest and not 600, straight and not wanton, light and not shining  Laozi: Tao Te Ching: Chapter 59: The rule of personnel days If you do not want to be a saint, you can be a saint; if you do not want to be a saint, you can be a saint; if you do not want to be a saint, you can be a saint; if you do not want to be a saint, you can be a saint; if you do not want to be a saint, you can be a saint; if you do not want to be a saint, you can be a saint; if you do not want to be a saint, you can be a saint; if you do not want to be a saint, you can be a saint; if you do not want to be a saint, you can be a saint; if you do not want to be a saint, you can be a saint; if you do not want to be a saint, you can be a saint The two do not hurt each other, so the virtue of intercourse returns to the place Laozi: "Tao Te Ching":Chapter 61 The great state is the lower stream, the worlds intercourse, the worlds mare The mare often wins the peony with stillness, with stillness for the lower Therefore, the small state below the large state, then take the small state; the small state below the large state, then take the large state Therefore, or down to take, or down and take the large state only wants to both animal, the small state only wants to enter into the service of the human husband Both have their own desire, the large is appropriate for the Under Laozi: "Tao Te Ching":Chapter 62 The Tao is the mystery of all things the treasure of good people, not good peoples protection beautiful words can be the city respect, beautiful behavior can be added to everyones bad, what abandoned there Therefore, the establishment of the Son of Heaven, set up three publics, although there are arch jade to first team horses, rather than sit in this road ancient reason why this road is expensive why not say: seek to get, guilty to avoid evil so for the world expensive Laozi: "Tao Te Ching":Chapter 63 For nothing, nothing, nothing, taste no taste figure difficult than its easy, for greater than its fine; the worlds difficult things, will be made in the easy, the worlds big things, will be made in the fine is the sage ultimately not for the big, so can become its big man light promise will be little faith, more easy will be more difficult is the sage is still difficult, so the final no difficult carry on Laozi: "Tao Te Ching":Chapter 64 its safe easy to hold, its not omen easy to plan its brittle easy to pam, its micro easy to disperse for the absence of, rule of the in The people of a thousand miles are always engaged in a few successes and failures, and if they are prudent at the end, then there is no failure Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": Chapter 65 The ancient good for the way, not to understand the people, will be to fool the people of the difficult to rule, because of their wisdom, so to rule the state with wisdom, the state of the thief; not to rule the state with wisdom, the state of the blessing to know these two also know the style of the style often know the style of the style, is called "The reason why Jianghai can be the king of the hundred valleys is because he is good at the next, so he can be the king of the hundred valleys is because the sage wants to go up to the people, he must go down with his words; he wants to go before the people, he must go after the body is because the sage is on top and the people are not heavy, in front and the people are not harmed is because the world is happy to push and not tired to its non-contentious, so the world can not compete with The world can not compete with the Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": Chapter 67 The world is said to me that the road is big, like unworthy of Fu only big, so like unworthy of Xiao if Xiao, long carry on its fine also Fu I have three treasures, hold and protect one said charity, two said frugality, three said not dare for the world first charity so can be brave; frugal so can be wide; not dare for the world first, so can become a tool long now give up charity and brave; give up frugal and wide; give up after and first; dead carry on Fu Ci to war will win, to code solid heaven will save the The one who is good at war is not angry; the one who is good at winning enemies is not with; the one who makes good use of people is underneath the virtue of not fighting; the one who uses the power of people is worthy of the extreme of the ancient world  Laozi: Tao Te Ching: Chapter 69: The use of soldiers has said: "I dare not be the master, but the guest; I dare not advance an inch, but retreat a foot" is the line of no line. I do not dare to be the main body, but for the guest; I do not dare to advance an inch, but retreat a foot" is the line of no line; to be hustling no arm; to throw no enemy; to execute no military disaster is greater than the light enemy, light enemy several loss of my treasure so the resistance to the military similar, the mourner win carry on Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": Chapter 70 my words are very easy to know, very easy to do the world can not know, can not do the words have the clan, the matter has the ruler only no knowledge, is not I know that I know me, then I am expensive is to be a sage is brown and carry jade Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": Chapter 71 know do not know, still carry on; do not know to know, sick. The sage is not sick, and the sage is not sick, and the sage is not sick, and the sage is not sick, and the sage is not sick, and the sage is not sick. The two, or benefit or harm the sky is evil, who knows the reason why the way of the sky, do not compete but good victory, do not say but good response, do not call and come from the group, the group is good plan the net of heaven to recover, sparse but not lost Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": Chapter 74 people are not afraid of death, but why to die to fear if the people are always afraid of death, but for the strange, I have to execute and kill, who dare to often have the Secretary to kill the killers on behalf of the Secretary to kill, is said to carve on behalf of the great craftsman, and the carving on behalf of the great craftsman The peoples hunger, to its upper food taxation of more, is to famine peoples difficult to rule, to its upper have to do, is to difficult to rule the peoples light death, to its upper seek life of thick, is to light death Fu only no to life for those, is virtuous in your life Laozi: "Tao Te Ching": Chapter 76 peoples birth is also soft, its death is also strong grass and trees are born also soft and brittle, its death is also withered so strong people. The strong are the disciples of death, and the weak are the disciples of life. The strong are destroyed, and the strong are broken. The sage for and not bully, success and not place, its not want to see the sage Laozi: "Tao Te Ching":Chapter 78 the world is not soft and weak in water, and attacking the strong Mos can win, to its no to easy the weakness of the strong, the softness of the victory over the rigid, the world Mo do not know, Mo can do is to the sage cloud: "suffer the dirt of the country, is the Lord of the community; suffer the country is not auspicious, is the king of the world" positive words if the opposite Laozi: "Tao Te Ching" The sage is not to blame for the people who have the virtue of the deed, but the virtue of the deed is not to blame for the people who have the virtue of the deed. The people of the country are not far away, although they have a boat and a carriage, although they have an armor and an army, they have nothing to show for it.
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